M. Hercule Poirot Solves the case

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M. Hercule Poirot Solves the case by Mind Map: M. Hercule Poirot Solves the case

1. Nurse killed herself after being wrongly accused of kidnapping Daisy

2. Died giving birth but baby didn't live

3. Edward (Cassetti) Ratchett

3.1. Feels threatened

3.1.1. Received death letters Multiple people wrote

3.2. Asked for protection provided by Poirot

3.3. Travels the world with secretary MacQueen

3.3.1. Doesn't like Ratchett

3.4. Found dead in train car

3.4.1. Last time seen alive was by M. MacQueen at 10 PM

3.5. Letter: "-member little Daisy Armstrong"

3.5.1. Daisy Armstrong was murdered by Ratchett as a baby

4. M. Bouc

4.1. Train worker

4.2. Friend of Poirot

4.3. Thinks a woman or Latin murdered Ratchett

5. Princess Dragomiroff

5.1. Very old and ugly

5.2. Servants do anything for her

5.3. God-mother to Armstrong baby mom.

5.4. Says meeting Poirot is destiny.

6. Hector MacQueen

6.1. Ratchett's Secreatary

6.2. Didn't trust Ratchett

6.3. Doesn't care/ isn't surprised boss is dead

6.4. Dad was a lawyer for the Armstrong case.

7. Dr. Constantine

7.1. Thinks a woman did the crime

8. Mary Debenham

8.1. British Nanny

8.2. On the way home from Iraq to Britain

9. Michel

9.1. Locked train door

9.2. Witnessed Ratchett go to room after dinner

9.3. Talked to friend until 1 in the morning

10. Foscarelli

10.1. Remembers case faintly.

10.2. Went back to room after dinner

10.3. Only smokes cigarettes

11. Count/Countess Adrenyi

11.1. Bothe were asleep and heard nothing.

11.2. Didn't know the Armstrongs personally.

11.3. Played cards until wife took a sleeping pill and both went to sleep.

12. MRs. Hubbard

12.1. Murderer was in her compartment.

12.2. Door was bolted

12.3. Found a button from the "murderer"

12.4. Very anxious.

13. Valet

13.1. Couldn't sleep because of a toothache

13.2. Smokes cigarettes not pipes

14. Linda Arden

15. Two Murderers

15.1. Wounds from left and right handed swings

15.2. Some weak strikes, however some were strong and penetrated the muscle.

15.3. Woman's handkerchief and a man's pipe cleaner were found at the scene.

16. Daisy Armstrong

16.1. Murdered by Ratchett long ago in America

17. Colonel Armstrong

18. Gretta Ohlson

18.1. Saw Ratchett at 10:30 while going in his room by accident

18.2. Hasn't heard of the Armstrong case.

19. Cyrus

19.1. on the lookout for someone whom Ratchett described as a "small man, dark, with a womanish kind of voice"

19.2. Ratchett hired him to watch his back.

19.3. Buisiness in Europe

19.4. Pretending to be normal person.

19.5. Private detective form New York

19.6. Doesn't smoke a pipe.

20. Colonel Arbuthnot

20.1. Normally travels on boat. Personal reasons he traveled on a train.

20.2. Talked to Macqueen the whole night

20.3. Claims not to know Mary Debenham

20.4. Smokes a pipe.

20.5. Stopped in Baghdad for three days

20.6. Said compartment #16 had someone suspicious peeping out