Hercule Poirot solves it all

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Hercule Poirot solves it all by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot solves it all

1. American Woman

1.1. annoying

1.2. Talks about her daughter all the time

1.3. Was near the are of the murder at the time

1.4. Admitted she was Scarred of Ratchett

1.5. Called for the conductor rapidly around the time of the murder

1.6. Super convinced she knows who the murderer is

1.7. The murder weapon was in her bag

2. Mary Debenham

2.1. On her way back home

2.2. British nanny

2.3. Unusually calm when train stops

2.4. Not bothered at all by the murder on the train

3. Col Arbuthnot

3.1. Retired from Army

3.2. Likes Mary Debenham

3.3. Very sure Miss Debenham didn"t commit the murder

3.4. Was talking to Macqueen his secretary around the time of the murder

3.5. smokes a pipe something that was found at the murder crime scene

3.6. thinks he saw a woman going down the hallway at the time of the murder

3.7. owns same pipe cleaner found at the murder scene

4. Macqueen

4.1. Works for Ratchett and didn't like him

4.2. Knew of letter that threatened Ratcett

4.3. Might have something against him

4.4. Didn't seem surprised when told Ratchett died

5. German Woman

6. Princess Dragomiroff

6.1. She knew the Armstrong family

6.2. Colonel Armstrong's wife was her god daughter

6.3. nothing was found in her luggage

7. M.Bouc

7.1. Owner of company

7.2. Sent Poirot to figure out the case

8. Conductor

8.1. Was tending to Mr. Ratchett before he was murdered

8.2. First one to be interviewed

8.3. Tended to the American woman the night of the murder

8.4. Tended to Hercule Poirot when he wanted some water

9. Swedish Lady

9.1. Accidentally opened Mr.Ratchett compartment at some time before he was murdered.

9.2. Was with the American Lady that night

10. Count and Countess Andrenyi

10.1. They know nothing

10.2. Found

11. Mr.Hardman

11.1. Detective Agent

11.2. Was recruited for Mr.Ratchet to protect him

11.3. Says the possible murderer was a small dark man with a womanish voice

11.4. Claims nobody got on the train around the time of the miurder

12. Italian man

12.1. Ford motor cars agent