Autobiography of Kate Duross

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Autobiography of Kate Duross by Mind Map: Autobiography of Kate Duross

1. Places of Residency

1.1. Indianapolis (Born)

1.2. Coral Springs, FL

1.3. Orlando, FL

1.4. Greensboro, NC

1.5. Destin, FL

1.6. Clearwater, FL

2. Education

2.1. Heathrow Elementary School

2.2. Summerfield Elementary School

2.3. Freeport Elementary School

2.4. Freeport Middle School

2.5. Freeport High School

2.6. Countryside High School

2.7. University of Central Florida

3. Personal Interests

3.1. Reading

3.2. Playing with dogs

3.3. Babysitting

3.4. Watching Netflix

4. Facts About Me

4.1. I hate alarm clocks and waking up to the sound of them.

4.2. I hope to teach second grade one day.

4.3. I realize that those two facts are conflicting, because if I teach second grade I will have to use an alarm clock every day.

4.4. I am in my first year here at UCF.

5. Employment

5.1. I have worked for many years as a babysitter.

5.2. I spent my senior year of high school tutoring 5th graders after school.

5.3. I am an executive assistant for Dawn Janowitz, who is the creator of a product called Chomp! and you can learn more about her product here: