What iXLd Does

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What iXLd Does by Mind Map: What iXLd Does

1. We learn your business processes.

1.1. Marketing Tactics

1.2. Payment processes

1.3. Billing and Invoicing Systems

1.4. Sales scripts

2. We migrate those processes online while automating as much as possible for you.

2.1. Referral Tracking

2.2. Auto Responders

2.3. Online Payment Processing

2.4. Online CRM

2.5. Split Testing

3. We enable you to replicate them over and over again

3.1. Franchises

3.2. Mortgage Brokers

3.3. Realtors

3.4. Financial Planners

3.5. Home Services

3.6. MLM's

3.7. Manufacturing Reps

3.8. Information Marketers

3.9. Regional and National Organisations

4. We create bait sites that drive new leads and new business to you via highly optimized websites.

4.1. Keyword Specific Domains

4.2. General information sites

4.3. industry directories

4.4. Case studies

4.5. Industry profiles

4.6. Product and Service reviews

4.7. Free reports and other engagement tools