Lurking under a critical pedagogical lense

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Lurking under a critical pedagogical lense by Mind Map: Lurking under a critical pedagogical lense

1. is there any relation between people wholurks and their agency in digital spaces?

2. Lazy work, not there yet, shy, reserved, low engagement

3. Lurking

3.1. Different meaning in dif contexts

3.1.1. open environment

3.1.2. closed

3.1.3. blended

3.2. Dimensions

3.2.1. open env

3.2.2. closed

3.2.3. blended

3.3. why lurking?

3.3.1. as a way of passive isolation? what does isolation mean in this context?

4. starting point --> open practice

4.1. open scholarship in open platforms

4.1.1. Meaning assumption what is happening in reality

4.1.2. Form visible invisible lurking: contextual, complex construct

4.1.3. structure self-determined role --> agency imposed role

4.1.4. processes shifting contextual personal

5. Is lurking a valid form of learning, If yes, what about active learning discourses?

6. it's complex and multfaceted - connected to place - related to digital capital - engagement can be - visible or not - as digital presence - (to be present and absent is a unique affordance of digital connections). Lurking as a way of resistance-desistance of the design of the course as learning by pariticpating