Types and users of accounting information

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Types and users of accounting information by Mind Map: Types and users of accounting information

1. Users-Tax

1.1. Government

1.2. Company(business)

2. Tax accounting

2.1. Determine how much is owned to the government for taxes.

2.2. Characteristics

2.2.1. Follows rules established by government

2.2.2. Small part of accounting

2.2.3. The government sets the rules for determining taxes

3. Managerial accounting

3.1. Designed to help people inside the business make decisions

3.2. Characteristics

3.2.1. No rules

3.2.2. Inside make decisions

3.2.3. Customize

3.2.4. Designed to meet needs of users

4. Users-Managerial

4.1. Top managers

4.2. Middle managers

4.3. Low managers

4.4. Non-managers

5. Users-Financial

5.1. Direct users

5.1.1. Strongly accepted by the financial situation for the business Creditors Investors

5.2. Indirect users

5.2.1. Non affected by the financial situation Suppliers Costumers Government Labor unions

6. Financial accounting

6.1. Designed to help people outside of the business make decisions

6.2. Characteristics

6.2.1. Follow rules

6.2.2. Multi-purpose reports

6.2.3. GAAP- General Accepted Accounting Principle