Inhorn: Chapters 6-7

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Inhorn: Chapters 6-7 by Mind Map: Inhorn: Chapters 6-7

1. The (In)efficacy of NRTs

1.1. Scientific dishonesty of statistics from commercial IVF centers

1.1.1. Inflated claims of success Overarching lack of regulations IVF centers Don't break down patients by age group

1.1.2. Not including live births/take home babies in % Instead, report % of pregnancies

1.1.3. Patients conditions/characteristics Process of treatment cycle (embryos) Don't emphasize on repeating treatments

1.2. Nozha & Nile Badrawi hospitals don't participate in egregious inflation

2. The Egyptian Game of Inflation

2.1. Rates are altered to appear more successful to potentional patients

2.1.1. Over-reporting success rates bc they eliminate older patients from stats

2.2. Different definitions of successful pregnancy

2.2.1. Allows for overall success rates to be factored diff.

2.2.2. Biochemical vs Ultrasound-confirmed pregnancies False positives-false hope,

2.3. Lack of standardized informed consent

2.3.1. Need of third-party agency to monitor gov. regulations

3. Positioning Egypt in the Discourses of Hope

3.1. Patients who are less inclined to go abroad but wonder about the comparability o Egyptian and Western Success rates

3.2. Discources of hope

3.2.1. Always tied to God, reward them, religious value as Muslims during their quest for conception

3.2.2. Technologies of God, patients and doctors invoke beliefs in God for explanations

3.3. Repetition

3.3.1. Different views on on-going treatments Twins is greatest desire

4. Realities of Success and Failure

4.1. Interview of women and their trails

4.1.1. Difficult, expensive, stressful, but up to God

5. The Movie Star Patient

5.1. Very different from average Egyptian Woman

5.1.1. 15 Abortions, Body has been through a lot Admits despression, and may have alcohol problem

5.1.2. 2nd Husband is infertile, and because of social constraints tries to hide it and there fore avoids treatment

5.2. Explains themes that are similar to other Egyptian woman during IVF treatment; embodied suffering

6. Embodying the Patriarchal Bargain

6.1. Her husband, Fraud, Infertility issue also becomes hers-socially

6.2. Gender relations

6.2.1. Egyptian Woman willingness to be treated for husbands infertility-conjugal love

6.2.2. Mens role are downplayes

6.2.3. Physical risks-"Who suffers more"

7. Body Histories

7.1. 75% of couples in most cases-male infertility- plagued by single infertility

7.1.1. Low ejaculate volumes, irregular pH of seminal fluid, poor sperm motility etc. P. 192 Speculation of why men sperm counts are low Occupational exposures, pollution, DDT, life factors, diet, stress etc. P. 193 Possible reason, is smoking and other health conditions like azoospermia

7.2. "Years of useless medicine"

7.2.1. Husbands undergone hormonal and genital therapy/surgeries-varicocelectomies

7.2.2. Many men refuse because of physical indignities and suffering and some are not ready for physical and emotional adversity

7.3. Often think infertililty starts with women but men usually don't want to get involved in treatments

7.3.1. Poor woman undergo outdated and nonsensical treatments repeatedly vs very few elite

8. The Unhappiness of Hormones

8.1. Every woman medicated-made to inducesuperovulation

8.1.1. Many side effects; bloating, dizziness, weakness, death, weight gain Levels of mixed drugs- HGG,LH,FSH-Can result in false positives

8.1.2. GnRH- shuts down bodys natural process of ovulation--superovulation is then artificially achieved Shots, Sprays, suppositories

8.2. Problems of fertility drugs transfer, resultant local storage, high prices,, formation of black marketing of drugs-private imported drugs-dependent on Western-based pharmaceutical companies

8.2.1. EX: hMG Shortages Unevenness of globalization-nations and consumers-access to pharamecutical and globaliziling technolgies

8.2.2. Result;Suitcase trade because expensive, not affordable Needs to be adjusted for resource-poor third world countries

9. Worrying, Waiting, and Bedding Down

9.1. Embryo transfer-quick painless procedure-may or may not require surgery

9.1.1. Many spend time on bedrest though-engenders bodily disciplines after IVF or ICSI- fear of loosing baby

9.2. Mens "weakness" is a cultural idiom, a fear of abnormalties