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Online Tutor by Mind Map: Online Tutor

1. Teaching

1.1. guide learning

1.1.1. direct students to resources

1.1.2. begin and encourage discussion between students (set up Discussion forum)

1.2. assessment

1.2.1. mark assignments

1.2.2. provide feedback

1.2.3. be available for discussion of results

1.3. feedback

1.3.1. via email

1.3.2. via discussion board

1.3.3. in person (optional) organising tutorial time via Doodle

2. ambassador for ECU in the community

2.1. uphold University values in public

2.2. promote ECU in everyday communication

2.3. exhibit ECU graduate attributes in daily life (I'm a graduate as well as staff)

2.3.1. New node