ELL program in MNPS vs Williamson county schols

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ELL program in MNPS vs Williamson county schols by Mind Map: ELL program in MNPS vs Williamson county schols

1. Williamson County Schools

1.1. Standards are aligned to help the ELL student meet the requirements of each level of English proficiency through:

1.1.1. Developing strong English language skills in reading, writing, grammar, listening, and speaking. Teaching strategy: speak clearly and slowly

1.1.2. Small group work or instruction and individual one-one-one time. Teaching strategy: Set aside time to work with ELL student individually

1.1.3. Curriculum that parallels the WCS Scope and Sequence. Teaching strategy: Become knowledgeable of WCS Scope and Sequence

1.1.4. Collaborating with classroom teachers and developing close relationships. Teaching strategy: Build trust with ELL students

1.1.5. Developing strong vocabulary and enhancing communication methods. Teaching strategy: Break down instructions into simple steps

1.1.6. Resources and approaches that benefit the students needs. Teaching strategy: be aware of all of the ELL students needs and aid in needs as much as possible

1.1.7. Pull-out program. Teaching strategy: provide ELL student will all resources to be successful inside and outside of classroom.


2.1. WIDA English Language Development curriculum and standards are used to show the social, instructional, and academic language ELL students need to participate with peers, educators, and curriculum in schools.

2.1.1. ELLs communicate for social and instructional purposes within the school setting. Teaching strategy: help ELL student understand the difference between social and instructional interactions

2.1.2. ELLs communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Teaching strategy: provide the ELL student with all the materials to be successful in the content areas

2.1.3. Cognitive function skills will be developed to encourage participation in class Teacher strategy: encourage participation and give positive praises

2.1.4. Levels of language proficiency will be measured to track the ELL students success. Teacher strategy: monitor the progress of ELL student in class

2.1.5. Academic vocabulary will be enhanced through: linguistic complexity, language forms and conventions, and vocabulary usage. Teacher strategy: use a wide variety of vocab words

3. Similarities

3.1. Strong emphasis on developing vocabulary skills.

3.2. Encourages collaboration.

3.3. Focuses on developing relationships.

4. Differences

4.1. WCS focuses on small group and individualized time for ELL student.

4.2. WCS parallels the Scope and Sequence. MNPS uses WIDA.

4.3. WCS uses the pull-out program.