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Art by Mind Map: Art
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A visual aid of expression by the use of different aspects of black and white or colors.


the use of taking pictures and developing them. they can later be turned into drawings.

Digital, Printing


The use of different colors to create depth and shadows of a picture. Can be done in color or black and white.

Still Life

      Consists of related objects set up, creating depth and different shadows to represent the shapes and curves of the different objects. This can be drawn by using: pencil color watercolors black and white paint


c   can consist of: pencils paper paint earasers camera watercolors crayons beads colored pencils brushes


The form of using watered down paint to create basic still life pictures. mostly used to creat scenery and backgrounds.

Mixed Media

The concept of creating and designg different things such as: masks jewerly picture frames woodwork


      pencil drawings are simple pictures that are drawn by hand using different ranges of graphite pencils.

colored vs. black and white


Used in many drawings. Color is a huge aspect of art and can be used in painting, watercolors, photography, and still life can be drawn in color. Color uses all colors and shades on the colorwheel.

contrasting vs. complementry

Black and White

      Black and white drawings are most common. They are colored with only shades ranging from black to white. They are drawn with detail and usally consist of graphite pencil.