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Eyewear by Mind Map: Eyewear

1. 1700s

1.1. between 1268 and 1289 in Italy

1.1.1. vison aids Martins Margins Wig spectacles Bifocals Scissor spectacles.

1.1.2. worn by monks and scholars

2. 1800s

2.1. In the 1800s eyeglasses were considered evidence of old age and infirmity

2.2. lorgnette

3. 1900s

3.1. Hollywood and celebrities began to influence fashion

3.2. pince-nez = "pinch nose"

3.3. tortoiseshell spectacles with large, round lenses

3.4. 1930s sunglasses became popular for the first time

3.4.1. sunglass design were accomplished in order to meet the needs of military pilots in World War II (1939 - 1945).

3.5. part of a person's wardrobe

4. General Overview

4.1. Consumers have become increasingly aware of the need to protect their eyes from UV rays

4.2. In addition to the practicality and health reasons, designers have made an effort to make eyewear (particularly sunglasses) in styles that are high fashion

5. Common Shapes & Styles

5.1. Aviators

5.2. "Jackie O" type

5.3. John Lennon grannies

5.4. "cat eyes"

5.5. "alien eyes"

6. Designer's Role

6.1. Designer frames for prescription eyeglasses- a new market

6.2. Common sunglasses designers: DKNY, Christian Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Kenneth Cole, Calvin Klein, Oakley and Ray Ban

6.3. Common prescription frame designers: Donna Karan, Hugo Boss, Perry Ellis, Diane von Fustenberg, Tory Burch, Jimmy Choo and Calvin Klein

7. Sources