Mr. Krause Biography

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Mr. Krause Biography by Mind Map: Mr. Krause Biography

1. My goals are simple, have a degree (aiming for my masters), teach math, and enjoy my life. Simple enough but thats all i need.

2. I will be living with my wife and hopefully two kids in a nice hope living a happy life because sam doing something i am passionate about for my job.

3. My future plan is to be a teacher of a subject i am passionate about preferably middle school math and positively influence the next generation of students.

4. Goals

5. Lifestyle

6. Plan

7. My attitude is to always stay positive no matter the situation, because in the end things always seem to work itself out.

8. My biggest hope in life right now is for good grades and a smooth journey to get my degree. That is honestly all that i hope for.

9. The greatest challenge of my life right now is my constant struggle of juggling school as well as two other jobs. I try my best everyday to accomplish everything i can but have a long road ahead

10. Attitude

11. Hopes

12. Challenges

13. One of the most important events that i can remember from my childhood is during career day at school i was told one of the most satisfying jobs is to be a teacher because it is as fun of a job as you make it out to be for yourself. This event inspired my goals for the future.

14. I grew up in a very friendly environment with a family who loved, and encouraged the decisions i have made in life.

15. In some way or another there has always been a part of me that has wanted to make a difference in people's lives.

16. Important event

17. Lifestyle

18. Dreams

19. My Past

20. My Present

21. My Future