U.S from 1776 thru 1861

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U.S from 1776 thru 1861 by Mind Map: U.S from 1776 thru 1861

1. Manifest

1.1. we can use the manifest destiny to explain the Indian removal policies, because it states that it was a sense of “boundaries of freedom”.

1.2. as Mentioned in the readings “manifest Destinya is a phrase used by leaders and politicians in the 1840s to explain continental expansion by the United States revitalized a sense of "mission" or national destiny for Americans.”

2. Jackson

2.1. Indian Removal

2.2. "in all cases of the appointment of interpreters or other persons employed for the benefit of the Indians a preference shall be given to persons of Indian descent, if such can be found who are properly qualified for the discharge of the duties."

2.3. "The plan for their removal and reestablishment is founded upon the knowledge we have gained of their character and habits, and has been dictated by a spirit of enlarged liberality."

3. Jefferson

3.1. Black V. White

3.2. Black people were inferior

3.3. unfairness

3.4. Whites were superior

4. African American

4.1. In Americans history, the force migration was unique.

4.2. Jim Crow laws were against nonwhites

4.3. Africans were sale

4.4. No constitutional rights

4.5. Whites and Blacks were segregated

5. The Invasion of America

5.1. United States took over an 8th of the world

5.2. US took over 1.5 billion acres from America's indigenous