The Count of Monte Cristo

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The Count of Monte Cristo by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo

1. Dante's allies

1.1. Abbe Faria

1.1.1. A priest and brilliant thinker whom Dantès meets in prison. Abbé Faria becomes Dantès’s intellectual father: during their many years as prisoners, he teaches Dantès history, science, art, and many languages

1.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

1.2.1. Bertuccio is even more surprised to see Villefort himself, whom he thought he had killed years before.

1.3. Luigi Vampa

1.3.1. a kidnapper that kidnaps albert and danglars

1.4. Peppino

1.4.1. A bandit in Luigi Vampa's gang, he's caught, convicted, and sentenced to death. In order to save his life, Vampa calls in the Count for help

1.5. Ali

1.5.1. Ali is mute because he had his tongue cut out by the Bey of Tunis, his previous employer. It seems Ali was disobeying his orders.

1.6. Baptistan

1.6.1. He's a well-behaved and well-compensated butler. He's responsible for instructing the other servants and generally keeping the household running

1.7. Jacopo Manfredi

1.7.1. a true friend of Edmund, he saved Edmund when Edmund was in the ocean in the surf.

1.8. Haydee

1.8.1. sees her father get gunned down right before her eyes and is sold into slavery.puts Haydée up in posh digs, gives her servants, and generally lets her do what she wants, as long as she doesn't leave the house.

2. Morcerf family

2.1. Mercedes Mondego

2.1.1. Mercédès is kind of one-dimensional character. She's beautiful, exotic, and faithful. She has a kind heart. She's happy for Edmond when he returns and she cries for him when he's taken away

2.2. Fernand Mondego

2.2.1. He's a big dude, and a passionate one. As a young man he longs for Mercédès; his passion for her is so great that he vows to kill Edmond rather than give her up

2.3. Albert de Morcerf

2.3.1. Albert is the son of Fernand and Mercédès

3. Danglars family

3.1. Baron Danglars

3.1.1. Danglars's motive is pretty darn boring: he's jealous of a younger, more attractive, more talented co-worker

3.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

3.2.1. Madame Danglars is an enterprising, independent woman

3.3. Eugenie Danglars

3.3.1. Eugénie Danglars isn't like the other girls

4. Villeforts Family

4.1. Gerard de Villefort

4.1.1. Public prossecuter

4.2. Renee de Villefort

4.2.1. Gerards first wife

4.3. Valentine de Villefort

4.3.1. Valentine is kind and beautiful and devoted. Her father loves her, her grandfather loves her, and so does pretty much every other man around

4.4. Monsieur Noirtier de Villefort

4.4.1. Diehard revolutionary, expert duelist, advisor to Napoleon, loyal grandfather, a man of unshakeable character and honesty

4.5. Heloise de Villefort

4.5.1. ambitious, jealous, and unscrupulous. In a way, she's exactly the kind of wife he deserves.

4.6. Edward de Villefort

4.6.1. Edward gets the short end of the stick. His father doesn't love him. His mother does love him, but she can only express it by poisoning other people

4.7. Benedetto

4.7.1. Benedetto is the illegitimate child of Gérard de Villefort and Madame Danglars, left for dead and buried in a shallow grave

5. Morrel Family

5.1. Pierre Morrel

5.1.1. a good father, an honest businessman, and Edmond Dantès greatest advocate.

5.2. Maximilian Morrel

5.2.1. captain of spahis." Taken literally, it means that he's a captain of a cavalry unit in the French colonial army.

5.3. Julie Herbault

5.3.1. The only daughter of M. Pierre Morrel

5.4. Emmanuel Herbault

5.4.1. Julies brother

6. Other Characters

6.1. Caderousse

6.1.1. he was a drunk, and a coward, and less then scrupulous when it came to money

6.2. Louis Dantes

6.2.1. Edmond's dad

6.3. Baron Franz d'Epinay

6.3.1. he's the reasonable counterpart to the careless, carefree Albert de Morcerf

7. Edmond Dante's and his aliases

7.1. The Count of Monte Cristo

7.1.1. -

7.2. Edmond Dantes

7.3. Zatarra

7.3.1. the name given to Edmund when he was found by smugglers

7.4. Lord Wilmore

7.4.1. The identity of an eccentric English nobleman that Dantès assumes when committing acts of random generosity.

7.5. Sinbad the sailor

7.5.1. The name Dantès uses as the signature for his anonymous gift to Morel.

7.6. Abbe Busoni

7.6.1. an Italian priest, helps Dantès gain the trust of the people whom the count wants to manipulate because the name connotes religious authority.