The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

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The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

1. Morcerf Family

1.1. Mercedes Mondego

1.1.1. Edmond and Mercedes loved each other

1.1.2. When Edmond was imprisoned, she married with Fernand

1.1.3. Mercedes and Fernand had an one baby, Albert.

1.1.4. When Albert asked Edmond for a duel, Mercedes came to him and she asked him to not kill her son (She knew Count is Edmond)

1.1.5. Mercedes and his son leave Fernand and moved out their house

1.2. Fernand Mondego

1.2.1. He was a fisherman and a smugglar

1.2.2. He was in love with Mercedes

1.2.3. He made Edmond to get arrested because he didn't like him

1.2.4. When Edmond was imprisoned, Fernand marry with Mercedes

1.2.5. He betrayed Ali Pasha, and he sold Ali's daughter and wife into slave.

1.2.6. He commit suicide when Count said he is Edmond Dantes

1.3. Albert de Morcerf/ the Viscount de Morcerf

1.3.1. the son of Mercedes and Fernand; he stayed in same hotel as Count when he went to Rome

1.3.2. Count save his life from bandit;

1.3.3. He asked Count a duel when Count reveals the treachery of his father. After, he apologies when Mercedes told his son everything between Count and his father.

2. Dantes Allies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. wise, learned, and lovable political prisoner in the Chateau d'If

2.1.2. His death in the Chateau d'If provides Dantès with his daring means of escape.

2.1.3. Faria becomes Dantès' spiritual father and teaches Dantès a lots of things.

2.1.4. Help Edmond to escapes from the Chateau d'If; tells him the location of treasure.

2.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

2.2.1. betrayed by Villefor; found the baby and gave to his sister in law, Assunta.

2.3. Luigi Vampa

2.3.1. Old friend with Edmond; they met each other when the bandit was still a young shepherd.

2.4. Peppino

2.4.1. An Italian shepherd who has been arrested; Part of Vampa's gang;Count had saved him from death; he helped Count to arrest Danglar.

2.5. Ali

2.5.1. Edmond's servent;Monte Cristo's mute Nubian slave; he saved Madame Villefort's horses.

2.6. Baptistin

2.6.1. Edmond's personal servant, warns Dantes of the upcoming theft of his house

2.7. Jacopo Manfredi

2.7.1. First met him when Edmond escapes from the Chateau d'If.

2.8. Haydee

2.8.1. daughter of the Ali Pasha;Fernand betrayed and sold into slavery.

2.8.2. And Count bought her; Count fells love with her

3. Danglers Family

3.1. Baron Danglars

3.1.1. The mastermind behind the letter.

3.1.2. Becomes captain of the Pharon one Edmond is imprisoned.

3.1.3. becomes a banker with an incredible fortune and a Baron;has one daughter, Eugenie

3.1.4. Count asks him to pay a lot of money to pay his foods and drinks. Later, Count saves his life because he already feel bad about Edouard's death.

3.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

3.2.1. Usurping much of her husband's fortunes with her lover Monsieur Debray; Her son between Villefort is Benedetto.

3.2.2. Later, Danglar leaves her and she went up to Debray for help, but he doesn't want her anymore.

3.3. Eugenie Danglars

3.3.1. Eugenie was supposed to marry with Albert de Morcerf. Her dad wants her to marry to Andrea; The wedding night, she runs away with her best friend. She met Andrea in her room, when Andrea was trying to run away from the police. She yelled and he got caught.

4. Villefort Family

4.1. Gerard de Vilefort

4.1.1. He denies his own father, who was a Bonapartist and therefore opposed to the royalty

4.1.2. To protect his father, Villefort puts Edmond into the prison

4.1.3. He had an affair with a woman who becomes the Baroness Danglars, and Villefort uses his wife's family mansion

4.1.4. He has a secret child from Madame Danglar. His name is Benedetto( Villefrot bury him when he was still alive);

4.1.5. Later, He found out his real son is Benedetto(alive) at the Andrea Cavalcanti court. Madame Danglar faint. He went crazy when his wife and Edouard dies.

4.2. Renee de Villfort, nee de Sanit-Meran

4.2.1. The mother of Valentine. She does not appear in the novel.

4.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran

4.3.1. Killed by Madame de Villefort(she poisoned them); Valentine's grandparents

4.4. Monseiur Noirtier de Villefort

4.4.1. Father of Villefort;The Bonapartist. His son was trying to protect his him.

4.4.2. He only communicates with his eyes. He helped Valentine and Maximilian; he asked Valentine to move out the house because he knew that Madame Villefort is trying to kill her.

4.4.3. Helps Valentine about her marriage problems. He told Franz that he killed his father, General de Ques al.

4.5. Heloise de Villefort

4.5.1. she's Villefort's second wife;Loves her son, Edouard. She killed de Saint and she accidentally killed Barrio. She killed them because she wants her son to get all the money and fortune from her family.

4.5.2. She was trying to kill Valentine but she failed because Count and Maximilen helped her out. At the end, Villefort asked her to kill herself, so she killed herself and her son also.

4.6. Edouard de Villerfort

4.6.1. Son of Heloise de Villerfort; poisoned by his own when his mom was trying to commit suicide.

4.7. Benedetto

4.7.1. Son of Villefort and Madame Danglar; a smuggler

4.7.2. He changed his identity to Andrea Cavalcanti. He killed his mom, Assunta and Caderousse.

4.7.3. He was supposed to marry with Eugenie. They both ran away, He got caught by police and they puts him in prison.

4.8. Valentine Villefort

4.8.1. She is only daughter of Villefort. She's supposed get marry with Albert but her grandfather helped her out. She's in love with Maximilian.

4.8.2. She found out that Madame Villefort is trying to kill her. She gets mad.

4.8.3. She takes a pill that Count gave to her. She slept a long time. When Maximilian almost died, Valentine shows up and they met each other again.

5. Dantes and his Aliases

5.1. Sinbad the Sailor

5.1.1. Edmond Dantes uses this name as the signature of his gift to Morrell(money) and he also uses this name during his time in Italy

5.2. Edmond Dantes

5.2.1. He was a first mate of Pharon.

5.2.2. Later, he sent to prison for treason( the letter about Villefort's father. He is a Bonaparte.)

5.2.3. He committed suicide after he sent to the prison. Abbe Faria save him. Abbe tells him about the vengeance and he told Edmond where's the treasure located.

5.2.4. He changes his body with Abbe Faria and escapes the prison.

5.2.5. He becomes free and he started his revenge on his enemies using different types of identity.

5.3. The Count of Monte Cristo

5.3.1. Dante's main disguise; He lived in Auteuil

5.3.2. One of the identity that Dantès assumes when he emerges from prison and inherits his fortune.

5.3.3. He is a coldness and bitterness man that comes from on vengeance.

5.3.4. He takes his time and keep his true identity to make revenge on his enemies: Fernand, Danglar, Caderousse and Villefort.

5.3.5. He makes all the revenges on his enemies and finally revealed his true identity to his enemies at the end of the revenge.

5.4. Number34

5.4.1. The prison number when Dantes was in the prison

5.5. Abbe Busoni

5.5.1. Dantes changes his identity again when he tries to find out who's trying to kill Valentine. He stays in the next door and watch Valentine 4 days to see the victim.

5.6. Lord Wilmore

5.6.1. Dantes changes his identity when he gives a pill to Valentine which makes her to sleep a long time. He told her it will be fine and she will be live again.

5.7. Zatarra

5.7.1. The character of Luigi Vampa gave Edmond the name Zatara after he witnessed Edmond Dantes wash up on shore after escaping the Chateau d'If.

6. Morrel Family

6.1. Pierre Morrel

6.1.1. a good father, an honest businessman, and young Edmond Dantès's supporter.

6.1.2. He tried to pull Edmond out from the prison.

6.1.3. He also helped Edmond's father to pay his debt and funeral/ Dantes' only friend

6.2. Maximilien Morrel

6.2.1. M. Morrel's son/Brave and honorable

6.2.2. He is in love with Valentine; Count's second man in a duel

6.2.3. He was trying to committed suicide when Valentine was gone(she was sleeping, deep sleep); he really loves her

6.2.4. Count asked him to wait and hope. He meets Valentine again at the end of the story.

6.3. Julie Herbault

6.3.1. The only daughter of M. Pierre Morrel, she is chosen by Edmond to help save her father.

6.3.2. Received letter from Sinbad Sailor which is Edmond Dantes. The letter says that she must follow the directions contained therein if she'd like to save her father.

6.4. Emmanuel Herbault

6.4.1. Julie's husband; employee of Morrel

7. Other Characters

7.1. Gaspard Carderousse

7.1.1. He is a lazy, drunk, and greedy man. He does not take an active part in the crime.

7.1.2. He is one of the enemies who falsified facts in a letter

7.1.3. Count gives him a diamond. It was not enough for Caderousse so he kills jeweler and his wife.

7.1.4. He puts in prison and Count helps his out from the prison. When Caderousse was out, he was trying to steal money from Count's house

7.1.5. In the Count's house, Benedetto was in his house and he killed Caderousse. When Benedetto stabbed Caderousse, Count went up to him and tells him that he is Edmond Dantes. (Time and Silence)

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. Father of Edmond Dantes. He died from hunger

7.2.2. He was a poor man and he owns money from Caderousse.(Morrel paid the money for him)

7.3. Baron Franz s'Epinay

7.3.1. Good friend to Albert/He supposed to marry with Valentine but at the end of the story, they didn't get marry.

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. The secretary to the French minister of the interior. Secret lovers, Madame Danglars. He wants the money from her husband, Danglar.

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. A journalist and good friend to Albert de Morcerf; He writes from Yanina incriminated Albert's father in the betrayal of Ali Tebelin

7.6. Raoul,Baron de Chateau-Renaud

7.6.1. He almost killed in battle in Constantinople, but Maximilian saves him.

7.7. Louise d'Armilly

7.7.1. He was a Eugenie's piano and music teacher; constant companion.

7.8. Monsieur de Boville

7.8.1. Director of Prisons; Dantès buys financial notes which are invested in Monsieur Morrel's shipping firm.

7.9. Barrois

7.9.1. Barrios Nortier's servant; He gets poisoned by mistake by Madame Villefort, she was trying to kill Notifier. He drinks a poisoned lemonade.

7.10. Monsieur d'Avrigny

7.10.1. He was a doctor who attends to the many sicknesses in the Villefort household. He told the families member that deaths are due to poison

7.11. Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti

7.11.1. His real identity is Benedetto; He is a real son of Villefort and Madame Danglar; He killed and stabbed Caderousse.

7.12. Ali Tebelen (Ali Tepelini/Ali Pasha in some versions)

7.12.1. betrayed by Mondego; Fernand sold his Daughter and wife into slave.