Count of Monte Cristo Character Descriptions.

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Count of Monte Cristo Character Descriptions. by Mind Map: Count of Monte Cristo Character Descriptions.

1. Dantes and his Ailases

1.1. Edmond Dantes

1.1.1. The protagonist in the story, his name was used at the begging when he was young though when he escaped from the Chafe-air. He gets rescued by Jacopo's crew on a smuggler ship, when he retruns to land he gets a haircut and goes with them to the Island of Monte Cristo. He fakes an injury, so the crew leaves him there, while they were gone he found the treasure, he got rich off of it.

1.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

1.2.1. The title that Dante bought after he found treasure of the Island of Monte Cristo. He makes Villefort go crazy when his family was poisoned, made Fernand commit suicide and makes Danglars suffer when he's in Vampa's gang. All the other characters known him by this name until he stared to real his real name near the end of the book. Thinking that he's gone too far he reunites Maximum and Valentine and sails away.

1.3. Sinbad the Sailor.

1.3.1. He was know as this name in the letter he sent with the purse that saved Morel's ship business.

1.4. Abbe Busoni

1.4.1. This was his name when he was disguised as a priest.

1.5. Lord Wilmore

1.5.1. This name was used when he was an Englishmen doing good deeds.

1.6. Number 34

1.6.1. He was know en by this by the guards we has was in prison.

1.7. Zatarra

1.7.1. The name Jacopo gave him on the smuggler ship.

2. Dangler Family

2.1. Baron Danglars

2.1.1. Wanted to be capton of Phariton, so he wrote a letter saying that Dantes was a Bonapartist. Later he runs into bankruptcy because of the Count, he was his banker.

2.2. Madam Hermine Danglars

2.2.1. Danglars' wife, lives off his fortunes, however when Danglars runs away she has to live on her own. Has an affair with Villefort.

2.3. Eugenie Danglars

2.3.1. Danglars' daughter, after it was founded out that Bent Denttio killed Cadirose, she and her sister disease as men and runaway.

3. Villefort family

3.1. Villefort

3.1.1. A prosecutor who gets Dantes put in prison because Dante worked for Morrel. Later his wife and son die after it was founded out that he tried to buried Benedetto alive and the poisoning of his family members, this was under the Count's revenge. He goes insane at the end, digging for the book but saying Edward's name.

3.2. Renee de Villefort

3.2.1. Villefort's first wife and Valentine's month.

3.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran

3.3.1. Villefort's first wife's parents..

3.4. Valentine

3.4.1. Villefort's daughter who he had with his first wife, is in love with Maximiulm, she also gets help from her grand father, Nortier. The Count giver her a pill and everyone thinks that she's dead, but in the end she gets to marry Maximum.

3.5. Noirtier

3.5.1. Valentine's grandfather who helps her to get out of the marriage of Franz, by saying that he killed his father. He can only see and hear and can only communicate with his eyes.

3.6. Heloise Villeifort

3.6.1. Villefort's second wife, she whats to keep the wealth to herself and her son and got rid of some people by poisoning them

3.7. Edward Villefort

3.7.1. Villefort's son that he had with his second wife.

3.8. Benedetto

3.8.1. The son that Villefort had with Madam Danglars, lived a life of crime and was arrested after he killed Cadosses and told a court that Villefort tried to bury him alive when he was a baby..

4. Dante's allies

4.1. Abbe Faria

4.1.1. A prisoner that he meet at the Chaif-air, became best friends, educated Dante and worked with him to escape.

4.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

4.2.1. Count's loyal servant while he's planning and getting revenge on his enemies.

4.3. Luigi Vampa

4.3.1. A famous Intalan bandit that works for the Count, he captures Albert and Danglers.

4.4. Ali

4.4.1. The Count's mute servant, he got his tongue cut off by his previous owner.

4.5. Jacopo Manfredi

4.5.1. A crew member of the smuggler ship that rescues Dantes, he was Dantes true friend.

4.6. Haydee

4.6.1. A slave that the Count rescues and frees, she has loving feeling for him. She also has a secret past of Fernand killing her father and taking her into slavery.

4.7. Peppino

4.7.1. One of Vampa's men, he was going to be executed but was saved by the Count.

4.8. Baptistin

4.8.1. A buttler that takes care of other servents

5. Morcerf family

5.1. Mercedes Mondego

5.1.1. Was Dante's fiancee before he was imprisoned, about 9 months later she marries Fernand and they runaway where she becomes rich. Runs away with her son after Fernand's misfortune.

5.2. Fernard Mondego

5.2.1. Was jealous of Dante's marrying Mercedes, so he mailed the letter Danglers wrote. Later on he marries Mercedes, kills Ali Pasha and gets rich off of him. He later gets humiliated when the story goes in the newspaper and is confirmed in court by Hades. After that he kills himself when he discovers who the Count really was.

5.3. Albert de Morerf

5.3.1. The son of Fernand and Mercedes, when his father got misfortunes he called a dual with the Count, however he calls it of after Mercedes talks to him. After the truth was found out about his father, he also joins the army.

6. Morrel Family

6.1. Morrel

6.1.1. The owner of a ship company and owns the Pharmaton. He was saved from total bankruptcy by Sinbad the Sailor and found out the it was Dantes. Maximum and Juliy was his son and daughter.

6.2. Maximilien

6.2.1. Morrell's son who was secretly in love with Valentine, he also wanted to kill himself when he thought she was dead. The Count stopped him and tried to make him happy again, but if he couldn't he would help him commit suicide, but he didn't because he was reunited with Valentine.

6.3. Julie

6.3.1. Morrell's daughter, she is engaged to Emmanuel. She also founded the pures that Sinbad the Sailor gove them.

6.4. Emmanuel

6.4.1. Julie's fienne

7. Other characters

7.1. Caderousse

7.1.1. Louis Dantes' nabor, he thearted him saying that he would make Dates" life miserable if he didn't pay him immediately, because of this he goes bankrupt. Later on he murders his wife and a jeweler and once he escapes from prison he attempts theft where he is busted by Abbe Busoni and is killed by Benedetto. .

7.2. Louis Dantes

7.2.1. Dante's father, he was thearted by Caderousse for money and was bankrupt after it. After Dante's get arrested he gives up on life and starves himself to death.

7.3. Baron Franz

7.3.1. Albert's friend who was supposed to marry Valentine but didn't because he founded out that Noriter killed his farther.

7.4. Lucien Debray

7.4.1. A secretary of the finean mister.

7.5. Beauchamp

7.5.1. A newspaper writer who puts the Fernand story in the newspaper, when suggested by the Count.

7.6. Raoul, Baron de Chateau-Renaud

7.6.1. Represents high society, he was saved by Maximum in a military battle in Africa..

7.7. Louis d' Armilly

7.7.1. Eugenie Danglars music teacher and her close friend.

7.8. Monsieur de Boville

7.8.1. The prison inspector and a detective.

7.9. Barrois

7.9.1. Noriter's servant who was poisoned a by madame Villefort..

7.10. Monsieur Avrigny

7.10.1. The doctor who treats the poisoned in the Villefort family.

7.11. Major Cavalcanti

7.11.1. The fake father in the Count's plot.

7.12. Ali Pasha

7.12.1. Haydee's father whos was killed by Fernand.