The count of Monte Cristo Character web

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The count of Monte Cristo Character web by Mind Map: The count of Monte Cristo Character web

1. Morcerf Family

1.1. Mercedes Mondego

1.1.1. Engaged to edmond

1.1.2. Waited 18 monthes

1.1.3. She ended up living in Dantes apartment in Marseille she ends up crying again because Dantes left her again this time with another girl

1.2. Ferdenand Mondego

1.2.1. Betrayed Dantes

1.2.2. Fisher man

1.3. Albert de Morcerf

1.3.1. the Counts Son

2. Danglars Family

2.1. Baron Danglars

2.1.1. Keeps track of money on ship

2.1.2. jealous of Edmond

2.1.3. plots to get rid of Edmond

2.1.4. Wanted to marry Albert Demorcerf

2.2. Eugenie Danglars

2.2.1. Daughter Danglars

2.2.2. But her father wanted her to marry Andre Cavacanti

2.3. Madame Hermine Danglars (Fromally Baroness Hermine De Nagronne Nee De Servieux

2.3.1. She had an affair with Gérard de Villefort

3. Morrel family

3.1. Pierre Morrel

3.2. Maximilien Morrel

3.3. Julie Herbault

3.4. Emmanuel Herbault

4. Other characters

4.1. Gaspard Caderousse

4.1.1. Neighbor of Edmond Dantes' Father

4.1.2. Loans Ed Money

4.1.3. Provokes Danglars and Ferdnand

4.2. Louis Dantes

4.2.1. Edmond Dante's Father

4.2.2. Died due to stress and loneliness

4.3. Baron Franz D'Epinay

4.4. Lucien Debray

4.4.1. Person who Madame Danglars Loves

4.5. Beauchamp

4.5.1. Journalist and friend Of the count

4.6. Raoul, Baron De Chateau-Renaud

4.6.1. aristocracy of the sword

4.7. Louise d'Armilly

4.7.1. Eugénie Danglars's music teacher,

4.8. Monsieur De Boville

4.8.1. He is the Director of Prisons,

4.9. Barrios

4.9.1. Barrios Nortier's servant

4.9.2. Gets poisoned by heloise Villefore

4.10. Monsieur D'avrigny

4.10.1. Family doctor of the villeforts

4.11. Major (also marquis) Bartolomeo Cavalcaniti

4.12. Ali Tebelen (ali Tepelinini? (Ali pasha In some versions)

5. Villefort Family

5.1. Gerard De villefort

5.1.1. Public proscitor

5.1.2. He sends Dantes to jail

5.1.3. He has an affair with madame Danglars

5.1.4. he goes crazy when the count has his whole family killed

5.2. Renee de villefort

5.3. The marquis and marquise de saint-meran

5.3.1. Parents of Villefort's first wift

5.4. Valentine De Villefort

5.4.1. Gets posined by her stepmother

5.4.2. Public Prosucitor daughter

5.4.3. in love with maxmilien

5.4.4. he is 19 years old

5.5. Heloise De villefort

5.5.1. Public Prosecutor wife

5.5.2. Second wife

5.6. Edouard de villefort

5.6.1. Nine Year old Son

5.6.2. Posined by his mother

5.7. Benedentto

5.7.1. Son of Villefort and Madame Danglars

5.7.2. HE is being paid by the count to be a rich itallian businessman

5.7.3. raised by Bertuccio and his sister-in-law;

5.7.4. goes by the name Andrea Cavalcanti

6. Edmond Dantes and his aliases

6.1. Edmond Dantes

6.1.1. Was put in prison

6.1.2. Honest Smart Nice Person

6.1.3. He was framed for doing something

6.1.4. WAS engaged to Mercadeds

6.1.5. Uses multiple Identities to get back at his reveals

6.2. The Count Of Monte Cristo

6.2.1. Edmond Dantes

6.2.2. an Idenity Edmond uses To play the role of god

6.2.3. Uses this Idenenity to get back at his enemies

6.2.4. By playing the role of god he rewards the good and Punishes the evil

6.3. Zatarra

6.4. Lord Wilmore

6.4.1. identity of an eccentric English nobleman

6.5. Abbe Busoni

6.5.1. Itallian Priest

6.6. Number 34

6.6.1. What Edmond was called when he was in Jail

7. Dantes' Allies

7.1. Abbe Faria

7.1.1. Become Edmond'd Father

7.1.2. he is a mentor of Edmond

7.1.3. He helped edmond Realize who had him framed

7.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

7.2.1. The count's servant

7.3. Luigi Vampa

7.3.1. Leader of a group of bandits

7.4. Peppino`

7.4.1. An bandit In luigi's Gang

7.5. Ali

7.5.1. one of Dante's servants who he save

7.6. Baptisin

7.6.1. Count servanta

7.7. Jacopo Manifredi

7.7.1. one of Dantes' servant

7.8. Haydee

7.8.1. Slave the Count brought she doesnt get treated like a slave