The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

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The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Cristo Character Web

1. Morcef Family

1.1. Mercedes Mondego

1.2. Fernand Mondego

1.3. Albert De Morceft

2. Dantes and His other names

2.1. Sinbad the Sailor

2.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

2.3. Lord Wilmore

2.4. Abbe Busoni

2.5. Number 34

3. Dangler Family

3.1. Baron Danglers

3.2. Madem Hermine Danglers

3.3. Eugenie Danglers

4. Allies to Dantes

4.1. Abbe Faria

4.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

4.3. Luigi Vampa

4.4. Peppiono

4.5. Ali

4.6. Baptistin

4.7. Jacopo Manfredi

4.8. Haydee

5. Dantes back story

5.1. Young Sailor as a first mate then promoted to Captian as his captian was on his death bed. Took a trip to the Isle of Elba and was enganged to the lovly Mercedes. Had an amazing Engagment party untill a knocking at the door. Police men comming to arrest Dantes. Dantes ends up at Cheatuf Di'f and finds himself to the thought of wanting to end it all. Then he hears a noise that keeps him going. That noise is Abbe Farria. Abbe farria tells Dantes about the treasure on the island of Monte Cristo

6. Villefort Family

6.1. Genard De Villefort

6.2. Benedetto

6.3. Heloise De Villefort

6.4. Edourad De Villefort

6.5. Edouard De Villefort

6.6. Valentine De Villefort

6.7. The Marquis Noitier De Villefort

6.8. Renee De Villefort, nee De Saint Meran

7. Morrel family

7.1. Pierre Morrel

7.2. Maximilien Morrel

7.3. Julie Herbault

7.4. Emmanuel Herbault

8. The Count Of Monte Cristo

8.1. Is a revenge full man. That has his mind set on getting revenge on everyman who did im wrong. He is playing the role of God and has only told some people who is real name is ( Edmond Dantes ) He gains the trust of everyone and is rich.

9. Mercedes Mondego

9.1. The old love of Edmond Dantes and who is a newly wed to Frendand Mondego. Who is the first to find out that the Count of Monte cristo is really edmond and asks the count for a favor after Ablert challeneged him to a duel.

10. Frernand Mandego

10.1. Whos is now known as Count de Morcef who is married to Mercedes and has a son named Albert.

11. Villefort

11.1. Public Prosecutor who is married to madem de Villefort. Has a son named Edourd and is the one who sentenced Dantes to 14 years in jail at Cheatuf dI'f. Madem de Villefort kills herself

12. Caderouse

12.1. The Old Neighbor of Dantes father Louis. He was a talior who lived in the same building as Caderouse. Caderouse is dead because he tried to sneak into the house of the count of monte cristo. Didn't succed and dies.

13. Danglers

13.1. Wrote the letters to put Dantes in jail. Became a banker and became rich, works for Fernand. Meets and get money from the count. Planed to run away.

14. Valentine

14.1. Villeforts daughter. Engaged to Franzs. Grandfather get her out of the marriage. She loves Maximillon. Runs away and was acused of murder. She dies but not really cause it was a cover up.

15. Maximillon

15.1. Son of morrel, introduced at Alberts party. Was in the army, Loves valentine, trys to die but doesn't

16. Abbe Faria

16.1. In prison at Cheatif D'if with Edmond Dantes and revels where the treasure is. Then he dies and Dnates replaces his body with Abbe Faria to escape.

17. Morrel

17.1. Owned all the ships and one of them was called the Pharron. When Dantes was put in jail he beleived him. Goes bankrupt

18. Sinbad the sailor

18.1. When he writes the letter to julie helping to give money to julie and save Morrel Money wise.

19. Abbe busine

19.1. Goes to caderouse with the dimonde about his past and whats going on.

20. Lord Wilmore

20.1. kind and genourse to others

21. Burticcio

21.1. Bin betraid by villefort kills his brother and gets arrested to a murder he didn't do.

22. Vampa

22.1. Cheif of a large gang of bandints

23. peppiono

23.1. A bandint in Vampas gange

24. Jacobo

24.1. Dantes first meets when he escapes from the prison

25. Haydee

25.1. A slave to The ocunt of Monte Cristo and then falls in love with him

26. Nortier

26.1. Can't speek and can only communicate with with eyes and saves Valentine from an aranged mariage

27. Danglers

27.1. Bad guy, Jealsous of dantes. Book keeper of the ship. He framed dantes and then has to pay for everything for now on.