The Count of Monte Christo Character Web

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The Count of Monte Christo Character Web by Mind Map: The Count of Monte Christo Character Web

1. Dante and Alias

1.1. Edmond Dante

1.1.1. Main character of the story. He has many names/disguises during the story. Known as also Abbe Busoni. He was wrongfully imprisoned. In the beginning of the story is kind and good to people. People thought he died.

1.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

1.2.1. This is one the disguises of Edmond Dante. He becomes the Count when he leaves prison. He did not exist in the beginning of the story. .Also gets upset when his friend Franz is engaged to Mercedes. This character is not around at the end of the story. The Count has money

1.3. Sinbad The Sailor

1.3.1. Sinbad is another disguise of Edmond Dante. Sinbad is the name Dante uses when he is in Itally

1.4. Abbe Busoni

1.4.1. One of Edmond's disguises. He is an Italian priest.

1.5. Number 34

1.5.1. Is Dante's number in prison.

1.6. Zatarra

1.6.1. Zatarra is named given to Edmond Dante.It meant driftwood.

1.7. Lord Wilmore

1.7.1. He is an alias of Edmond Dante. Lord Wilmore does kind things.

2. Dantes Allies

2.1. Haydee

2.1.1. former slave. Dante is responsible for buying her freedom. Dante falls in love with her.

2.2. Jacopo Manfredi

2.2.1. Jacopo is a friend of Dante. He helps him get freedom. Dante buys him a ship.

2.3. Ali

2.3.1. Ali is a guy Dante met in jail. Ali is good with weapons.

2.4. Luigi Vampa

2.4.1. A leader of a gang of bandits. He helps Monte Cristo.

2.5. Giovianni Bertuccio

2.5.1. One of the Count's servants. Bertuccio does not like Villefort.

2.6. Abbe Faria

2.6.1. Priest. Abbe meets Dante in prison. He is close to Dante. Abbe teaches Dante. Abbe shares information about Spada treasure which helps Dante become wealthy.

2.7. Baptistin

2.7.1. Monte Cristo's servant.

2.8. Peppino

2.8.1. Meets Dante in prison. Dante helps Peppino get freedom.

3. Morcerf Family

3.1. Mercedes Mondego

3.1.1. Towards beginning of the book, Mercedes was the fiancee of Dante. Mercedes marries Fernand. Dante is angry at Mercedes for not being loyal to him. She remains loyal to Dante, eventhough she marries someone else. Dante punishes and rewards Mercedes.

3.2. Fernand Mondego/ count de morcef

3.2.1. Mondego was jealous of Dante. He also liked Mercedes and will marry her. Mondego helped to get Dante imprisoned. Mondego becomes powerful and wealthy. Mondego framed Dante. Dante gets revenge on Mondego.

3.3. Albert de morcef/the viscount de morcef

3.3.1. Albert is son of Mercedes and Mondego. Albert is kind. Albert is not like his father.

4. *

4.1. Gerard de Villefort

4.1.1. villeforts daughter

4.2. Renee de villefort/nee de saint meran

4.2.1. she died/ de saint meran was her madain name

4.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Meran

4.4. Valentine de Villefort

4.5. Monsieur Noirtier de Villefort

4.6. Heloise de Villefort

4.7. Edoudard de Villefort

4.8. Benedetto

5. Danglars Family

5.1. Baron Danglars

5.1.1. He was an enemy of Monte. Baron does not like Dante. Baron was the one responsible for getting Dante send to jail. Baron was the one who burnt the letter.

5.2. Madame hermine danglars (Baroness Hermine De Nargonne)

5.2.1. Had an affair with Villefort. She had an illegitmate son, Benedetto. She causes money problems for her husband.

5.3. Eugine Danglars

5.3.1. Baron's daughter.

6. Villefort Family

6.1. Gerard De Villefort

6.1.1. He sentenced Dante to prison. He is a prosecutor. Gerald is punished by Dante. Dante opposed Gerald the most. Goes crazy when most of his family is killed.

6.2. Renee De Villefort (Ne dee saint meran)

6.2.1. She is wife of Villefort. She is kind.

6.3. Marquis/marquise saint- meran

6.3.1. Parents of Villefort's first wife.

6.4. Valentine de villefort

6.4.1. Daughter of Villefort. Dante protects Valentine. She is beautiful.

6.5. Monsieur nouitier de villefort

6.5.1. Father of Gerald de Villefort. Worked for Napolean. He was sneaky and not a good person.

6.6. Heloise de Villefort

6.6.1. Villefort's second wife. Mother of Edouard.

6.7. Edouard de Villefort which is edward

6.7.1. is villeforts son

6.8. Benedetto

6.8.1. The illegimitate son of Villefort and Danglar. Monte Cristo pays Benedetto to pretend he is someone else. He uses Benedetto to get at the Danglars.

7. Morrel family

7.1. Pierre Morrel

7.1.1. Pierre looked out for Dante. He was a good person and good father. Dante sees Morrel to help him once he is out. Monte Cristo helped him.

7.2. Maximillan Morrel

7.2.1. married valentine. Dante protects Maximillan and Valentine. Son of Monsieur Morrel. He is brave and trust worthy.

7.3. Julie Herbault

7.3.1. Emmanuel's wife. Sister of Maximillan. Daughter of Monsieur Morrel. Like her brother she is good.

7.4. Emmaunuel Herbault

7.4.1. Married to Julie. He is happy.

8. other characters

8.1. Gaspard Caderousse

8.1.1. Drunk/coward and unappreciative. He was aware of the plan to get Dante locked up. Caderousse commits crimes. He was not involved in the plan against Dante. He killed someone. Calderousse gets killed.

8.2. Louis Dantes

8.2.1. Louis starves to death while Dated is in jail. Father of Edmond Dante.

8.3. Baron Franz d'Epinay

8.3.1. Friend of Morcerf. Fiance of Valentine.

8.4. Lucien debray

8.4.1. He uses his position to do illegal things. He works for the French govenrment.

8.5. Beauchamp

8.5.1. Good friend to Morcerf. He is a journalist.

8.6. Raoul/Baron de Chateau Renaund

8.6.1. Saved by Maximillan Morrel.

8.7. Louis d'Armilly

8.7.1. Louis Dante's dad. He was a music teacher.

8.8. Monsieur de Boville

8.8.1. Director of prisons.

8.9. Barrois

8.9.1. Servant but died. Drank a drink meant for Noirtier.

8.10. major/bartolomeo cavalcanti

8.10.1. Man who pretends to be a retired major. Monte Cristo tells him to play this role.

8.11. Ali tebelen/ali pasha

8.11.1. Father of Haydee.

8.12. Monsieur d'Avigny

8.12.1. Doctor. He suspects that a murder took place.