The Count Monte Cristo

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The Count Monte Cristo by Mind Map: The Count Monte Cristo

1. Villefort Family

1.1. Gerard de Villefort

1.2. Renee de Villefort, nee de Saint- Meran

1.2.1. Valentine's mother and Villefort's first wife

1.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint- Meran

1.3.1. Valentine's grandparents who both died

1.4. Valentine de Villefort

1.4.1. Villefort's daughter

1.4.2. Suppose to get married to Franz and gets out of the marriage by her grandfather

1.4.3. Is accused for murder even though Madame Villefort did the posioning

1.5. Monsieur Noirtier de Villefort

1.5.1. Villeforts dad

1.5.2. Is paralosed and can only talk with his eyes

1.5.3. Is suppose to be poisoned by lemonade

1.6. Heloise de Villefort

1.7. Edouard de Villefort (Edward)

1.7.1. Challenged Dantes to a duel

1.8. Benedetto

1.8.1. The baby in the box

1.8.2. Was Villeforts and Madame Danglars son

2. Morrel Family

2.1. Pierre Morrel

2.2. Maximilien Morrel

2.2.1. Morrels son

2.2.2. Falls in love with Valentine

2.2.3. Is depressed becuase "Valentine dies"

2.2.4. Meets up with her at the end of the book and they live happily ever after

2.3. Julie Herbault

2.3.1. Daughter of Morrel

2.3.2. Marries Emmanuel

2.4. Emmanuel Herbault

2.4.1. Julies Husband

3. Dantes Allies

3.1. Abbe Faria

3.1.1. Taught Dantes how to read, write, do math and science

3.1.2. Was in jail for 12 years

3.1.3. Died and was switched out and was lying in Dantes bed facing the wall.

3.1.4. Helps Dantes get to his cell.

3.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

3.3. Luigi Vampa

3.3.1. He was Cheif of the Bandets

3.4. Peppino

3.5. Ali

3.6. Baptistin

3.7. Jacopo Manfredi

3.7.1. A smuggler who helped/saved him and looked for gold with him.

3.8. Haydee

3.8.1. Was a slave that Dantes bought out in Italy and saved her life.

3.8.2. Was a witness and was trying to prove that Fernad was bad. She proved it by talking about his scar on his hand and also proved that he killed her father and sold her and her mom for slavery.

4. Mercerf Family

4.1. Mercedes Mondego

4.1.1. Was engaged to Edmond Dantes

4.1.2. Thought Dantes dies so marries Fernand her cousin

4.1.3. Has a son named Albert

4.1.4. Leaves Fernand and lives in the house that the Count gives her.

4.1.5. Had to send Albert away from her

4.2. Fernand Mondego

4.2.1. Was jealous of Dantes for marrying Mercedes

4.2.2. Wrote the letter about Dantes to put him in prison

4.2.3. Got his dream and married Mercedes

4.2.4. Killed himself because Dantes got revenge on him

4.2.5. Killed Ali Pasha and people found out about what he did back then.

4.3. Albert de Morcerf/ the Viscount de Morcef

4.3.1. Was Merecedes and Fernand's son

4.3.2. Wanted to duel with the Count and then backed out

4.3.3. Was sent away and went to go out and be part of the army.

5. Danglars Family

5.1. Baron Danglars

5.1.1. Was mad at Dantes for becoming the captian

5.1.2. Blames Madame Danglars for all of his money he lost.

5.1.3. Knows about the affair with Villefort and didn't care.

5.1.4. Runs away and gets caught.

5.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

5.2.1. Had a baby with Villefort.

5.2.2. Steels all of Danglars money.

5.3. Eugenie Danglars

5.3.1. Danglars daughter who ended up being gay.

6. Edmond Dantes and his aliases

6.1. Edmond Dantes

6.1.1. Was in prison for 14 years

6.1.2. He was an innocent human being who was set up by Villefort, Danglars, and Fernad.

6.1.3. Was engaged to Mercedes who was truly in love with him.

6.1.4. Escaped prison by making the guards think he was Abbe Faria who was dead.

6.1.5. He was saved by Jacopo who is a pirate and eventually gets his own boat.

6.2. The Count of Monte Cristo

6.2.1. Escapes prison and get and enormous amount of fortune.

6.2.2. Is asked to duel Albert and to let Albert win just for Mercedes purpose.

6.2.3. Thinks he is the god and can make people's families turn out bad.

6.2.4. He tells Villefort he was the reason that his son died because he told god to make Villefort suffer.

6.2.5. Was the main character of the book and gave revenge on the people that put him in prison and also made people fall in love again.

6.3. Zatarra

6.3.1. The nickname that Jacopo gave to Dantes when he was able to swim to freedom.

6.4. Lord Wilmore

6.4.1. An eccentric English nobleman that Dantes assumes when committing acts of random generosity.

6.5. Sinbad the sailor

6.5.1. Was Dantes when he signed an enormous gift for Morrel.

6.6. Abbe Busoni

6.6.1. Dantes first false person who tried to gain people's trust.

6.7. Number 34

6.7.1. The cell number that Dantes was in when he was in prison.

7. Others

7.1. Monsieur de Boville

7.2. Baron Franz d'Epinay

7.3. Ali Tebelen/ Ali Pasha

7.3.1. Was killed by Fernad and also got a large amount of money.

7.4. Gaspard Caderousse

7.4.1. Wrote the letter about Dantes

7.4.2. Told Dantes about who wrote the letter

7.4.3. Was Dantes friend

7.4.4. Killed by Benedetto

7.4.5. Makes a plan to rob the Counts house

7.5. Louise d'Armily

7.6. Beauchamp

7.7. Raoul, Baron de Chateau-Renaud

7.8. Monsieur d'Avrigny

7.8.1. The doctor that tells Villefort that Valentine's grandmother is dead

7.9. Louis Dantes

7.9.1. Dantes Dad

7.9.2. Is ill

7.9.3. Kills himself by starving

7.10. Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti

7.11. Barrios

7.12. Lucien Debray