Count of Monte Cristo

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Count of Monte Cristo by Mind Map: Count of Monte Cristo

1. Edmond Dantes and his aliases

1.1. Edmond Dantes

1.1.1. The Count of Monte Cristo Sinbad the Sailor Abbe Busoni He is one of the people who helps out the other guys and things such as that like it says that the people hlelped Calls himself sinbad the sailor man with many faces whn he saves the morrel family he calls him self sinbad hte sailor and whne hes talking about Count of Monte cristo was a very important man who has alot of money and taes out the people who did him wrong one by one each with a very sad death

1.2. protagonist handsome honest humble young seaman who is wrongfully imprisoned eventually escapes finds hidden treasure and returns to society a the rich shrewd count of Monte cristo intent on revenge against his enemies other pseudonyms English law clerk Sinbad the sailor lord Gilmore signor Giacometti

2. Dantes Allies

2.1. Abbe Faria

2.1.1. Giovanni Bertuccio Luigi Vampa Ali one of the counts trusted allies and friends who he has known much before he was thrown in jail but dies before

2.1.2. Abbe was like a mentor and father to Edmond who also helped keep him company while they were both in prison but he dies of a seizure

3. Morcerf Family

3.1. Mercedes Modego

3.1.1. Fernand Mondego Albert de Morcerf He is fernands and mercedes child and he challegenes coutn of monte cristo to a dual to avenge his father but calls it off because he finds out what his father really did to him and he feels bad so he and his moter leave his father alone who is now a terrible person with a ruined reputation who then kills himself one of hte people who framed dantes for something he didnt do he did it because he wanted to be with mercedes and the only way he could be with eer was if dantes wasnt in the oicture so he removed dantes and took mercedes and they had a child

3.1.2. Mercedes was dantes fionce before he got accused of something he didnt do and thrown in jail and she waited for him for 16months before she sumbitted to her cousin fernand who was apart of htrowing dantes in jail

4. Danglars Family

4.1. Baron Danglars

4.1.1. Madame Hermine Danglars Eugenie Danglars was there child he isn't that important and doesn't play that big of a role in it she was baron wife she had to deal with him everyday she didnt have much t do in his punishing and yea there wasnt much she could do

4.1.2. He is one of the people who threw dantes in jail and the reason why was because danglers was incredibly jealous of him because he was the man who was made captain of the ship instead of danglers

5. 1

6. Morrel Family

6.1. Pierre Morrel

6.1.1. Maximillien Morrel Juile Herbault Emmanuel Herbault Emmanuel herbault was married to Julie herbault and they weren't to much to do with the count as they were to do with the Julie Herbault wasn't one of the people who were to much in role after Edmond was thrown in jail they moved far away and they didnt have to much affect

6.1.2. is in love with valentine villefort and is a nice man in the beginning he didn't know what he felt for her but he then knew that he loved her and he was willing to die for her

6.2. Pierre morel is the owner of all the ships and tried to help Edmond while he was in the jail by taking care of his dad so when Edmond comes back he give Pierre a big diamond

7. Other Characters

7.1. Gaspard Caderouss

7.1.1. Louis Dantes Baron Franz d'Epinay Lucein Debray He wasn't to important not many people knew him he didn't do much to get attention he wast very noticed in the story and theirs nothing to much about him

7.1.2. this is old dantes Edmond father and yea

7.2. He is one of the people who knew about dantes conviction but didnt help