Count of Monte Cristo Character Map

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Count of Monte Cristo Character Map by Mind Map: Count of Monte Cristo Character Map

1. Villefort Family

1.1. Gerard de Villefort

1.1.1. Part of dantes imprisonment and became rich worked on his own

1.2. Renee de Villefort

1.2.1. Villeforts first wife

1.3. The Marquis and Marquise de Saint-Merain

1.3.1. Valentines grandparents

1.4. Valentine de villefort

1.4.1. Villeforts daughter

1.5. Monsieur Nortier de Villefort

1.5.1. Villeforts father

1.6. Edouard de Villefort

1.6.1. Villeforts son

2. Morrel

2.1. Pierre Morrel

2.1.1. Owner of the ship that dantes woked on good friend of dantes helped him through a lot

2.2. Maxamillion Morrel

2.2.1. children of morrel

2.3. Julie Morrel

2.4. Emmanuel Herbault

3. Dantes and ailaises

3.1. Edmund Dantes

3.1.1. A.K.A Count of Monte Cristo, Sinbad, Busoni, And number 34. He is the main character in the book. Plot is to get revenge on the people that sent him to jail.

3.2. Count of Monte Cristo

3.2.1. A.K.A Edmund Dantes. Has the same story of getting revenge. One of his disqueses for getting revenge.

3.3. Sinbad the Sailor

3.3.1. A cover up for Edmund dantes to help get his revenge

3.4. Abbe Busoni

3.4.1. One of Edmund other cover ups but this one comes back

3.5. Number 34

3.5.1. Edmunds name in prison

4. Dantes' allies

4.1. Abbe Faria

4.1.1. Prisoner on Chateau d'if becomes dantes freind and tells him about the treasure on Monte cristo

4.2. Giovanni Bertuccio

4.2.1. Stwered to Monte Cristo

4.3. Luigi Vampa

4.3.1. bandit that kidnaps albert

4.4. Ali

4.4.1. servent from africa for monte cristo

4.5. Jacopo Manfredi

4.5.1. works for monte cristo used to work on the ship

4.6. Haydee

4.6.1. beautiful Greek girl that count rescues from a slave market

5. Morcerf Family

5.1. Mercedes Mondego

5.1.1. wife of fernand was suppose to marry edmund but he got sent to prison for 14 years

5.2. Fernand Mondego

5.2.1. Danglers co-conspirator marries Mercedes after dantes A.K.A Count de morcerf kills himself

5.3. Abert de Morcerf

5.3.1. son of Mercedes and fernand

6. Danglars Family

6.1. Baron Danglars

6.1.1. Dantes' jealous seaman, one of the three that imprisoned dantes becomes a rice banker but looses all under Monte Cristo

6.2. Madame Hermine Danglars

6.2.1. Danglers wife

6.3. Eugene Danglars

6.3.1. Danglers daughter