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Weather by Mind Map: Weather

1. What is weather?

1.1. The weather is just the state of the atmosphere at any time, including things such as temperature, precipitation, air pressure and cloud cover. Daily changes in the weather are due to winds and storms. Seasonal changes are due to the Earth revolving around the sun.

2. What kinds of weather are there?

2.1. Rain, Wind, Lightning, Clouds, Hail, Snow, Tornados, etc.

3. Is weather long term or short term?

3.1. Weather is short term, but in seasons weather can be the similar for a couple months!

4. Why are there seasons?

4.1. The earths tilt on the axis, and the earth's orbit around the sun. This is why we have seasons!

5. Why does it rain?

5.1. Why does it snow?

5.1.1. It snows because when raindrops form together and freeze, snowflakes are created.It must be too cold for rain!

5.2. Rain comes from the clouds! Clouds are mad of drops of water, when the drops get too heavy they fall to the ground as rain!