Post U.S. Civil War

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Post U.S. Civil War by Mind Map: Post U.S. Civil War

1. Jim Crow Laws

1.1. Era of discrimination in the U.S.

1.2. "Separate but equal"

1.2.1. In schools, public transportation, and restaurants.

1.3. Plessy vs. Ferguson

1.3.1. In 1896, gave the right for states to pass laws allowing racial segregation in both public and private institutions.

2. Spanish American War

2.1. War continued the dream about "Manifest Destiny."

2.2. The war was used as an excuse to gain land from the natives in order to take their resources.

3. Voting Policies

3.1. Made it difficult for African Americans to vote.

3.1.1. Poll taxes that were needed in order to vote.

3.1.2. Literacy test.

4. "Whiteness"

4.1. Many other ethnicities were slowly beginning to be considered "white."

4.1.1. Irish Had to work their way up by working hard and participating in municipal work, politics, etc.

4.1.2. Jews Were pushed in to being considered white since they wanted to be know as a separate race.

4.2. Both of these races were seen as "inferior" although they later were labeled as "white."

5. Reconstruction

5.1. Lincoln attempted to help former slaves by granting them rights.

5.1.1. Emancipation Proclamation

5.1.2. 13th Amendment

5.1.3. 14th Amendment

5.1.4. 15th Amendment

5.2. African Americans now were guaranteed rights.

5.2.1. Share cropping helped them own land.

5.2.2. Able to get an education.

5.2.3. Right to vote.