What has the changes of automobiles affected US.

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What has the changes of automobiles affected US. by Mind Map: What has the changes of automobiles affected US.

1. Body Design

1.1. Mercedes is One of the top most tech savvy , futuristic design car companies.

1.2. Mercedes uses LED Xenon headlights on most of their cars.

1.3. Lexus makes thier cars like concepts, theire headlights are concept like designs.

2. Engineering

2.1. Every Mercedes-Benz has a unique sound based on the set-up of its engine, transmission and exhaust system. In particular, exhaust notes are tuned to give model families

2.2. Nissan's launching their electric super car for their motorsports.

2.3. Honda has their own motor sports with special made engines.

3. Interior

3.1. Mercedes has special desino wood and design that is used in specific mercedes cars that show their luxury.

3.2. Most of the car brans offer Leather seats so you can stay comfortable.

3.3. Most of the car brands offer Heated seats standard.

4. Green Cars.

4.1. Nissan has electric supercars.

4.2. Ford also introduced hybrid plug-in cars that run off electricity.

4.3. Tesla is a all electric power source car that uses no oil.

4.4. Mercedes also has plug-in models, which doesn't cause pollution because those plug-in models use electricity to power themselves.

5. safety

5.1. Night Vision is BMW's amazing system that lets you see pedestrians or animals up to 328 yards ahead

5.2. This new suite of driver-assistive technologies can help you sense things you might miss while driving.

5.3. Nissan also offers the new tech features that keeps their customers save out on the road.

5.4. Mercedes has a feature that is called DISTRONIC PLUS, which drives, steers and slows down if a car is in front of you.

6. Price

6.1. Honda is another top selling, affordable car brands.

6.2. Nissan is a luxury, affordable car brand, they offer quality cars for consumers.

6.3. Bentley is a luxurious car company.