How race has changed in the Americas

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How race has changed in the Americas by Mind Map: How race has changed in the Americas

1. 5. Today's World

1.1. Racism still exist

1.2. The fear of blacks is still ongoing. The fear causes many blacks to fear for their life and worry that they wont become successful.

1.3. They are still seen as primitive.

2. 4. The Americas

2.1. After they freed blacks, the whites feared them. They saw them as violent.

2.2. Although whites were the violent ones, they saw blacks as the murders. As the ones who would destroy the world.

3. 3. The New World

3.1. Discovered more primitive people

3.2. Spaniards invaded the south west

3.3. Great Britian took control Indians. They were used as slaves.

4. 2. The Amistad Trials

4.1. Anti-slavery Leaders looked for ways to challenge any national authorization of slavery.

4.2. African freed themselves by self-emancipation.

4.3. Britain illegalized slavery and the trade of slavery.

5. 1. Black Slaves

5.1. Whites had enforced Africans to become slaves because it was their belief that the Blacks were primitive and savage.

5.2. The Whites had also belief that god had made masters and slaves, the Whites believed they were the masters while the blacks were the slaves.

5.3. The Atlantic Slave Trade.