EquiLife International Headquarters: Holland

testing an online mmaping tool alex and i tested this before but they've upgraded a lot so i'm giving them another shot! :))

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EquiLife International Headquarters: Holland by Mind Map: EquiLife International Headquarters: Holland

1. Background

1.1. Why Holland?

1.1.1. Personally Dasha and I are seeking joint citizenship in the country where we will be registering EquiLife's headquarters to run the org to be married and have same passports (finally) USA would seem logical because its my citizenship but its not realistic for me/us because: 1. We would have to live/move there 2. We need to be free to travel to build, serve and grow equilife at the level we are involved Why Holland then? the place then needs to be a place where we can feel at home and be at peace the place must be centrally located for international travel and access to key equilife/work "markets"/regions great deep friends love the freedoms (however now challenged, as everywhere) and spirit of respecting human rights believe we can learn and enjoy the language on and on... if you have an hour we can fill it with more ;)

1.1.2. Professionally - is well respected internationally as setting high standards in law, finance, regulation - is already world leader in international business logistics - is set-up infrastructure for easy international travel (to and from) and hosting of international conferencing - is recognized as setting and maintaining international standards of justice - two of our dearest and most passionate coreteam leaders (one new one OLD! ;)) are dutch citizens

2. Purposes

2.1. Head-quartering

2.1.1. While ELife will be registered as a legal nonprofit, NFP, NGO etc in many countries, we must (even as part of those same registrations) declare one place where we are "head-quartered" and where we manage all the rest of the organization from.

2.2. Tax-Free Donations Qualification

2.2.1. we register in countries that offer their citizens tax "deductions" (money they DONT have to pay the government)when those citizens donate money to NONPROFIT helping organizations.

2.2.2. in EU and USA and CANADA every year BILLIONS of euros are paid to the government in taxes that could be just painlessly HANDED to registered NGO's but the people dont know about it, have not been asked, etc.

3. Research

3.1. Key items of research and conversation: -Notaris -Dutch info sources

3.1.1. - tab will need clear and easy 1 sentence to describe who/what equilife is david's todo

3.1.2. - tab will need clear sentence to describe current registrations david's todo

3.1.3. - tab will need clear list of reasons ELife wants to register in Holland david's todo

3.1.4. - tab will need list of any Elife Coreteam other than the 2 dutchies (tab and henk) that will also be listed in Stichting documents david's todo Untitled

3.1.5. - tab will want to know how much this can cost (at the cheapest and at the highest). Like, what are the bennifits (if any) of paying for more help from Notaris or dangers from writing the paperwork for Stichting more ourselves pros/cons of doing it ourselves relationship between saving money and getting it done right tab n henk

3.1.6. - tab will want to learn for us how the Dutch system of donations works to know what the benifit could be to Elife from Dutch citizens donating to ELife (how much can dutch people deduct from tax obligation?) tab & henk to do

3.1.7. - Tab should learn what obligations, requirements, and any potential "negitive" liabilities or risks there are for them and us to be making this Stichting together tab and henk to research

3.1.8. - tab should learn what annual maintenence requirements (fees, paperwork, accounting, etc) is required each year

3.1.9. - tab should learn what kind of reporting is required

3.1.10. - tab should learn what kind of BENIFITS this kind of structure gives to us henk: government funds?...