An unexpected event

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An unexpected event by Mind Map: An unexpected event

1. Introduction

1.1. Who are the characters in the story?

1.1.1. Tammy

1.1.2. John

1.1.3. another unnamed ant

1.2. Where and when did it happened?

1.2.1. One morning, Tammy decided to travel to a new place and met John and another ant.

1.3. What happened?

1.3.1. Tammy was hungry but unable to find food at his colony.

2. Body

2.1. State the problems

2.1.1. Tammy asked John to share his food but John refused.

2.1.2. An ant informed John that there was water flowing down to John’s home and his home will be flooded in a short while.

2.2. State the solutions

2.2.1. John needed help to rescue his babies and Tammy offered his help.

2.2.2. Tammy managed to rescue one of John’s babies and John was very grateful to him.

3. Conclusion

3.1. What lesson can we learn through this story?

3.1.1. Learn to share things with new friends. Some day when you need help and your new friends will be there for you.