Post U.S. Civil War

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Post U.S. Civil War by Mind Map: Post U.S. Civil War

1. Jim Crow- structures of discrimination

1.1. non-white toward African American, and Mexican American, Asian, European immigrants

2. Reconstruction aftermath created unfair system of labor control called sharecropping

3. Spanish American War

3.1. Expansion the territories to the Asian countries such Philippines, Hawaii, Samoan Islands.

3.2. race issue- African American is key part in U.S. military were seen as substandard citizens and soldiers. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Pilipino were seen as second class, unlike Mexican American

3.3. new immigration pattern between Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines.

4. Philippine-American War

4.1. whether or not Philippine is independent

4.2. 2 type of Flipinos migrantes to U.S: educated and middle class and cheap labor.

5. Immigration of Asian, Mexicans, And Latin Americans

5.1. resources of labor: economic and social growth

5.2. Asian: ineligible for citizenship; exclude migrants also called "yellow horse"

5.3. Latin Americans: important immigrants group

5.4. Nativists: immigrants who US citizens felt uncomfortable with.

5.4.1. Immigrant Act 1924: end Asian immigration, Americanize certain sectors of Mexican American community

5.4.2. voice fear that today immigrants from Asia, Latin American or Africa American can not form part of the U.S.

6. Whiteness is a social construct

6.1. Irish, Jews, and Italitan gained to be considered as "white" or higher social class.

6.1.1. limitation of access to white privilege. Also brought them into the racial thinking that allowed racial discrimmination