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Org Chart by Mind Map: Org Chart

1. Native Amazonian

1.1. Who they are?

1.1.1. These people have lived in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years hunting and living in the stone age.

1.2. What they want?

1.2.1. All the Native Amazonians want is to continue their lifestyle the same way they have been for 12,000 years.

1.3. How They are similar.

1.3.1. Both the Natives and the rubber tappers would want to preserve the rainforest to keep their traditions and values from being destroyed so both would want the rainforest preserved.

1.4. What would happen?

1.4.1. The settlers and the loggers would become angry at the Native Amazonians and would run out of land to farm and live from.

2. Rubber Tappers

2.1. Who they are?

2.1.1. The rubber tappers tap or collect rubber from the rubber trees in the rainforest. With the rubber they make things like tires. without these rubber tappers we would not have as much rubber products.

2.2. What they want

2.2.1. They used to work on rubber plantations before the price of rubber dropped, after that some stayed inside the rainforest to make a living but since the recent clearing of trees is making it hard for them to find the right area, they would like to set aside special reserves to have for rubber trees.

2.3. How they are similar.

2.3.1. Both the rubber tappers and the native amazonians want to preserve the rainforest and keep it from being destroyed.

2.4. What would happen?

2.4.1. The Amazon would be preserved and would get the Loggers mad because they would not cut down the hardwoods and make money.

3. Loggers

3.1. Who they are?

3.1.1. They harvest trees from the Amazon to make furniture or paper products

3.2. What they want?

3.2.1. Very valuable trees are scattered around the rainforest, when they try to find the hardwood trees they cut down most of the other trees.

3.3. How they are similar.

3.3.1. The rubber tappers want to preserve the trees to produce rubber, but now with the loggers wanting to find hardwood trees and wrecking the other possible rubber trees.

3.4. What would happen?

3.4.1. After they have found all of the hardwood trees in the rainforest, they would leave and it would look like the hunger games just

4. Cattle Ranchers

4.1. Who they are?

4.1.1. The cattle ranchers own large amounts of land in the Amazon basin and once the cattle eats all of the grass down to dirt they will move to a new pasture.

4.2. What they want?

4.2.1. The cattle ranchers need more grasslands to graze the cattle to keep them alive to sell to people all around the world to make money to keep the ranchers alive.

4.3. How they are similar.

4.3.1. The cattle ranchers and the loggers would work together, the loggers would cut the trees and clear the fields as the ranchers would come in and use the new fields.

4.4. What would happen?

4.4.1. All of the trees would be cut down and made into fields for the cattle to graze. Doing this would have many species killed because they are not used to the open fields with no shade.

5. Settlers

5.1. Who they are?

5.1.1. Settlers come into the rainforest to try to farm by clearing trees, but having constant rainfall and crop killing insects makes it hard to grow crops.

5.2. What they want?

5.2.1. The settlers which are usually poor people from the city have found it difficult to feed their families, once the nutrients in the soil is gone they have to relocate and it is not as easy to relocate as it is for the Native Amazonians to do.

5.3. How they are similar.

5.3.1. The Loggers and the settlers can go hand and hand, for every acre cleared by the loggers, the settlers can move into it once the nutrients are gone.

5.4. What would happen?

5.4.1. All of settlers would soon run out of land to use and would go back to living in the cities which could raise the poverty rate of counties.

6. Environmentalist

6.1. Who they are?

6.1.1. The rainforest is home to over 1,500 different species of plants and animals, the environmentalist have tried to preserve the area and not have it be developed.

6.2. What they want?

6.2.1. They want to keep the rainforest from being developed and want to keep it preserved. They do not want the loggers, the settlers, or the cattle ranchers to invade and destroy the rainforest.

6.3. How they are similar?

6.3.1. The Native Amazonians would like to keep their way of life and not have people of the 21st century invade the area that they have lived and hunt for thousands of years.

6.4. What would happen

6.4.1. All of the rainforest would become preserved land and would not let the ranchers or the loggers in to cut down trees. The Natives would never be introduced or invaded by settlers or ranchers.