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The Murder by Mind Map: The Murder

1. German maid to russian queen

1.1. Threw off evidence immensely, so i suspect her.

1.2. Has both a dress and a uniform that there looking for.

2. Hungarian couple that are ambassadors. Innocent.

3. Russian Queen

4. Old american lady. Hass to more friends a sheep girl and a middle age woman.

5. Rich man and servant MacQueen. Rich man has enemies and asked main character to help him.

5.1. Rich Man dead from Knife.

5.2. Servent suspects murder by a woman.

5.3. Cant be this servant he is to pissed and leaves the colonel out of the question.

6. A colonel from before

7. An american talk show guy.

7.1. He is actually a detective from america.

7.2. He was also hired from Ratchett

8. An Italian.

8.1. Inoccet.

8.2. Loves America.

9. A doctor who examined Rattchet.

10. Chef de train

10.1. Suspects a woman.

11. Murder done by knife wound.

12. Didn't go through window.

13. There are two murders. One a woman and a man.

14. May be done at same time or two separate ones.

15. Ratchet was druged so no struggle.

16. Conformed woman and man.

17. Figures out this affair was started in America. Through letter burning?

17.1. Suspects must be american or of origen.

18. Either a rival gang doubled cross by ratchets gang he was apart of.

19. Or a act of personal vengeance.

20. She was not out and about during the night.

21. Valent to ratchet.

22. A conductor might be the murderer and a woman. Old lady seemed to happy about Caitties death.

23. dosen't susspecr colnel put a good amount of evidence.

24. english woman

25. Workers saw murder

26. Everybody was the murderer so every one covered eachothers trail by making up lies and storys.