Human Health Affected by Lifestyles

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Human Health Affected by Lifestyles by Mind Map: Human Health Affected by Lifestyles

1. Healthy Lifestyles

1.1. A healthy lifestyle can prevent or delay both physical and metal conditions

1.1.1. Physical Activity Walking Jogging Rec games etc.

1.1.2. Food The type or amount of food eaten Drinking water Fruit and Vegtables Whole Foods less processed

1.1.3. Mental The people or enviroment around your being Influences Role Models Low stress

2. Unhealthy Lifestyles

2.1. An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to or accelerate diseases or conditions.

2.1.1. Food Processed Foods Foods high in sugar Pop and juices oily and deep fried foods Chips Fries Drinking Alcoholic beverages Caffeinated Drinks

2.1.2. Mental High Stress Negative enviroments Negative influence Negative role models

2.1.3. Physical Activity smoking Sationaly work places lack of excerise

3. Negative Effects of an unhealthy lifestyle

3.1. External

3.1.1. weight gain

3.1.2. Acne

3.2. Internal

3.2.1. diseases

3.2.2. Conditions

3.2.3. lack of energy

3.2.4. organ failure

3.2.5. cancer

4. Positive Effects of a healthy Lifestyle

4.1. External

4.1.1. weight lose

4.2. Internal

4.2.1. increased energy

4.2.2. Functioning organs