Technology and My Culture

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Technology and My Culture by Mind Map: Technology and My Culture

1. References

1.1. Baker, S. (2008, 20th February). Social Media Will Change Your Business. Retrieved 28 February 2016, from

2. Description Of Me

2.1. My name is Dilpreet Hundal and i am 22 years old. I was born in Amritsar,Punjab. I came to Canada when I was 8 years old. My religious background is sikhism. I am Punjabi and although i have spent more than half of my life here in brampton i still do try to keep a balance between the Canadian and Indian Culture.

3. Specific Website: Youtube

3.1. Social Media is one of the best ways for business's to promote their products and make money. i would like to focus on how business use Youtube to advertise their products. YouTube lets businesses show their products in action. It is important for companies that have limited physical distribution channels. . Several companies now use youtube as one of their biggest source to promote their products. Youtubers get paid through companies to test out products and give their opinions on them

4. How this is relate to my Society?

4.1. Youtube is a part of social media and the is related to everyone out there who goes on youtube to look product reviews. Social media does change the business and how people look at products. A lot of people these days use youtube for several different purposes. For e.g; beauty gurus who test out products on a daily basis and give their opinions on products they like and dislike. This puts companies at risk because if they do not like the products a lot of people would be hesitant to buy the products. At the same time if there are products they do like than many people go out and buy them.

5. Why i Chose Youtube?

5.1. i decided to chose youtube because i am constantly watching videos on a daily basis. Whether its funny videos or make up tutorials or even sometimes visiting khan academy to understand concepts that i don't understand in my class. Youtube is one source that i can rely when i need a review on buying a product.

6. If Youtube didnt exsist

6.1. I feel like if Youtube didn't exist than a lot of small business would have never had the chance to advertise their products. There are a lot of people out there who have their entire careers based on Youtube and if they didn't have that as a career than their life would be very different. For e.g; The highest payed Youtuber gets around 12 million a year. This is just an example on one youtuber and there are various others on Youtube who have their careers based on that site.