Planning Your Curriculum

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Planning Your Curriculum by Mind Map: Planning Your Curriculum

1. Possibilities

1.1. Books for primary grades

1.1.1. Picture Books

1.2. Books for toddlers and preschoolers Grades

1.2.1. Nursery rhymes

2. Evaluating Your Literature Program

2.1. Proof of an effective literature program

2.1.1. reread or look at illustrations choose to read or look at books during free time recommend books/activities to others

3. Activities

3.1. Activities should enhance the literature

3.1.1. Activities should emerge naturally Activities should match the needs and abilities of the children

4. Recognizing the Larger Context

4.1. Literature Curriculum

4.1.1. Group books into units or webs

4.2. Child's World

4.2.1. Children should be able to construct meaning from the books that you read to them