Steer Think Tank Ideas

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Steer Think Tank Ideas by Mind Map: Steer Think Tank Ideas

1. Ideas for Internal (office)

1.1. Business Process Improvement

1.1.1. Not enough time/notification to work on projects Need earlier notification Need to identify notification lines - especially with The-V NOT Enough Time for Localizations / Translations!!!!! Possible Solution to get local translators on retainer. Need more Resrouces

1.1.2. Project Management & Calendaring System? Speak with Venu & Jay at the V for more info on their system

1.1.3. Blocked Websites hindering creativity Can we just use a monitoring system instead of banning.

1.1.4. Digital Workflow Digital Proofs lead to further revisions Can we set a limit to number of revisions or changes?

1.2. Collaborative Improvements

1.2.1. Teams need more inter-collaboration (lack of understanding of other teams jobs) Job Exchange Program IT needs more notification of requirements, V-Con, especially new Employees Need more LandLines Budgetary Constraints? People don't know exact job roles of other team members

1.2.2. Need Monthly Meeting to discuss and identify efficiency problems within departments! Mini Think Tanks Internal Meetings inside and between departments

1.3. General Improvements

1.3.1. Products need more internal exposure Could use display area of products in front of office to build awareness of product line/look/feel Need a more convenient way to get purchase products Some offices provide access to stock samples and allow employees to wear/use demos units

1.3.2. Review notes from previous HR 'improvement' session. So we can Quantify Benefits/Cost and address the issues with solutions

1.3.3. IT Purchasing needs review, as the 3 vendor policy has issues Need better vendor review process

1.4. Environmental Improvement

1.4.1. AIRCON! Can we find an ideal temperature?

1.4.2. Vending / Coffee Machines

1.4.3. Teams Need More Creative Inspiration

1.5. Morale Improvement

1.5.1. Employees may benefit from interaction from IRs Alternating V-Con/Re-Vcon schedules for support staff

2. Ideas for External (IRs)

2.1. Is there a way to provide low/no cost 'Printed' brochures to increase distribution?

2.1.1. Print Locally! Highest cost is cost of shipping

2.1.2. Local Distribution via HUBs Bus Dev team can provide some assistance for Central Asia Can be difficult to control multiple hubs, we may need direct contact We have UAE contacts but may need to sort this out directly Most ideal is to send key design team members to evaluate the print companies in each region

2.1.3. Must Insure QC for local prints

2.2. IR's are angry about mis-timed translations!

2.2.1. Need Jodi's / Bic's feedback on improvements here

2.3. IRs contact through social media channels, but we can't always or don't know how to respond

2.3.1. Integrate the NSG into our social media channels CreativeComms is already working on this process

2.4. Events need more notification Time!

2.4.1. Identify reason for last minute notification Via the V

2.5. Need a Stepped support system to help IR's build up their career path

2.5.1. IR Comms Step 2 program

2.5.2. More levels for IR's to Advance

2.6. Product Improvements

2.6.1. Must insure Products are the Priority

2.6.2. Must focus on improving existing product market penetration

2.6.3. Need more collaboration between Product Training, Bus Dev, Product Marketing and Product Dev

2.7. Reward IR's with Loyalty & Recognition Programs

2.7.1. Currently provide some recognition for top achievers via 'Achiever Club' based on sales

2.7.2. MUST be linked to compensation plan Apply additional growth tiers using theories of successful gaming Need to consider adopting other MLM structures as ours may be outdated

2.7.3. Apply a cash back or rewards program for V-Con or Events

2.7.4. Requires Database Mining

2.8. Feedback & Testimonials!

2.8.1. Testimonial Collection during product training events

2.8.2. Need more Contests

2.8.3. Product Marketing is acquiring lots of tesitmonials

2.9. Apply CRM System

2.9.1. Integrated Email System

2.9.2. Use CRM to help leverage brand equity

2.9.3. Use CRM to define recognition & rewards

2.9.4. Next Step: IT R&D Project

2.10. Lots of confusion over directions at events

2.10.1. Need more signs at events and Booths

2.11. Provide Pre-Purchase for V-Con

2.11.1. Sometimes they don't come to pickup products Charge for Shipping