Post US Civil War

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Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Post US Civil War

1. Jim Crow

1.1. Laws that acted against African Americans in late 1800's

1.2. Laws consisted on violence and segragation

1.3. people of color had no rights and if they broke the law, they were killed.

1.4. Either you were white or something else. People that weren’t white seem to me, that they were viewed as animals.

2. Immigration

2.1. Immigration played a big role in the post civil war peoriod.

2.2. immigrants supplied the needed labor for the economic development for the US

3. The Spanish American War and the War with Mexico

3.1. The Spanish American War and the War with Mexico were that they both violated the Just War theory

3.2. They both fought for territory to gain control.

3.3. It was the result of unfair treatment against weaker nations.

4. Reconstruction

4.1. Africans, Indians, Mexicans, and European immigrants who were not "white" remained second class citizens

4.2. The laws sproited up after reconstruction and lasted until the 1960's. (1877-1960's)