Dr. Sunddip Nahal

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Dr. Sunddip Nahal by Mind Map: Dr. Sunddip Nahal

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2. Look Throughout History - Has Education Changed Today?

3. Sunddip's web site

4. Generation: Outreach Workshops

5. Imagine..

5.1. A time when you entered Kindergarten

5.1.1. You probably were required to memorize from the text book

6. Has education changed today?

6.1. If you look at your kids, nieces and nephews you may think YES

6.2. True, technology has entered the classrom - but has that made an imapct to the K-12 system?

6.3. Education is not matching up to the acceleration of the technology

6.4. I ask again: has the K-12 system really changed?

7. Education system

7.1. It is setup as a bureaucracy

7.2. Classroms are predicated to academic ability

7.3. But not everyone learns with the same speed or the same way

8. Technology & communication

9. I challenge you...

9.1. Teachers: volunteer to bring technology to the kids

9.2. To find creative ways within the budget to bring technology to the classrooms

9.3. The words: achieve students success is in the vision of all programs that try to improve education

10. The kids in our classroom ..

10.1. .. are infinitely more significant that the subject matter we teach - Meladee McCarty

11. It is our job ...

11.1. ... to help our kids in engaging, fostering their passion and trying to use technology to bring up their creativity