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Yulia's ILA Business by Mind Map: Yulia's ILA Business
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Yulia's ILA Business

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Heinle Cengage NGELL

Singapore Center

UK Center

LatAm Center

NGELL Website Development Team



Dutch Traveler

Russian Traveler

Chinese Traveler

Spanish Traveler

Poish Traveler

Armenian Traveler

Slovenian Traveler

Czech Traveler

Lat Am Traveler

Hebrew Traveler

NG Adventure

Dutch, Sept 08

Russian, Aug 08 (Test)

Turkey, Aug 08 (Special)

NG Traveler Specials

Germany, May08

Germany, April 08

Turkey, June 08

Argentina (insert in People magazine, Televisa)

NG Historia Tests

Lat Am, Aug 08

Turkey, Oct 08

RBA relationship

NG Traveler TESTS

Croatia, May 08

Romania, Sept 08