Barry MacDonald

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Barry MacDonald by Mind Map: Barry MacDonald

1. Boys Smarts - Making Sense of Gender and Learning

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3. Book: Boys on Target

4. Book: Boy Smarts

5. Difficult time for those of us teaching boys

5.1. Once upon a time I would've said

5.1.1. You have to listen to me and I will teach you what you need

5.2. The truth is we don't know what the future will look like for them

5.3. 2/3 of students in special programs are boys

5.4. 2 out of 3 students who drop out are boys

5.5. When boys are floundering

5.5.1. We're prone to tell them they should just listen

5.6. A boy was having one difficulty at school

5.6.1. Sitting still in a circle time The chances are he will be identified with ADHD

5.7. The average age at which boys speak clearly is 4 and for girls that is 3

5.7.1. But that doesn't tell the whole story\ There are some boys who speak clearly at age 1.5 And there are girls who start later

5.8. A gender doesn't determine effective teaching

5.8.1. It is a binary trap to assume that all boys learn differently than all girls It can misguide us! Comedians poke fun at various gender tendencies There are serious limitations in this thinking

5.8.2. I am not against a single gender schooling - if we can prove it to be effective in a given environment'

5.9. Children need to be together to learn how to get along

6. What is the purpose of education?

6.1. Searching (Googling) for this gives millions of results

6.1.1. Apparently we have lots of opinions

6.2. What can a boy teach us about this

6.2.1. He's bored at school

6.2.2. He's the only one tech savvy to program the home PVR, shoot and edit a video and upload it on Youtube

6.2.3. Consider what this boy is doing here? The wqeekly spelling bees just don't cut it anymore\11

6.3. We have to acknowledge that most children by the time they are 5 they are bombarded with more info than we by age 20

6.4. Teachers a no longer the Gatekeepers!

6.5. Not everyone shares the same visual-spatial skills

6.5.1. We need to find different ways to engage kids

6.6. What if teachers had the resources...?

6.6.1. To visualy engage kids in classrooms\

6.6.2. I am not recommending visual engagement for boys, but for girls By not doing this we give the a disservice when they move on to the higher education levels

6.6.3. The real gap is motivation!

6.7. Need to think beyond simple boys vs. girls education'

6.7.1. Children are different today We need to teach the children we have, not the children we wish to have

6.8. Instead of ignoring the children's needs

6.8.1. Let's respond to these needs!