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Dan Pontefract by Mind Map: Dan Pontefract
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Dan Pontefract

As Senior Director / Head of Learning at TELUS, Dan is responsible for the overarching learning strategy for the company. Dan is a passionate leader in the learning and collaboration space that ensures an organization can move from traditional based learning to embrace non-traditional based learning inclusive of asynchronous modalities such as social media, video, eLearning, podcasts, virtual classroom and other social learning / social networking opportunities. His career is interwoven with both corporate and academic experience, coupled with an MBA, BA, B.Ed and multiple industry certifications and accreditations. Dan is also a renowned speaker. Detailed bio.  

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for the past 12 years

a problem

I am still learning

the greatest danger for most of us

Mr. Classroomachev: Tear Down This Wall!


Dan's Web Site

Mr. Classroomachev - which we will figure out

bricks to a wall

I need audience participation, tear down this wall!

Corporate Wall

The goat rodeo

off to high school

the berlin wall, the berling wall

The single room school house

old school house

we are still walled

yes we have lots of "i" things

but still in walls, brick walls

New node

Lecture Halls

tear down this wall!

disaffected bored kids - too many theories

they are tweeting and texting

Funny thing happened

Teachers are our beacons of hope

herd cats from class to class

but we need to connect the dots, connect the dots to the real world, and we still teach that way in university, but they are not leaving with critical thinking skills


1928 a report card

report card

And we are still giving out report cards

we have issues between unions

good professors are trying to break out of the mold, Publishers have curriculum textbooks that are still prominent at our universities, can you connect the dots, learning + work = learning

50% of the time I want theory

then real world experience

get our kids ready for the real world, 50% marks and 50% behaviour, Taking a hammer to the bachelor of ed programs, how do I commit to change?, 50 - 50 for higher ed too, I want a 50 - 50 transcript

The world does revolve around money

this is how I will make society better

when you graduate you will have a good understanding of how the real works with the 50 - 50 model, not saying knock down all the walls because we still need theory, because a crisis is looming, part of a crowd to launch a brilliant new learning cycle