Matt Giammarino

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Matt Giammarino by Mind Map: Matt Giammarino

1. Remix Your Education

2. Legend

2.1. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

2.2. Hover over the circle with lines to read attached notes

2.3. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

2.4. Use your mouse scroll to navigate up, down, left, and right

3. New node

4. Youtube video

5. Brain Boost Education

6. What's a remix?

6.1. In music: combining two or more songs to make a new one

6.2. In art: Combining two or more sources and ideas to make something new

6.3. In education: combining a variety of educational experiences to come up with a new approach to learning.

7. What's education?

7.1. Education does not = School

7.2. You own your education

8. The remix rules

8.1. Sample from everywhere

8.1.1. Youtube

8.1.2. TED

8.1.3. 4-H

8.2. Don't wait for the next opportunity

8.2.1. Remixing is an incremental sport

8.2.2. This is the one opportunity you have

8.3. Stretch

9. Fertile ground in BC.

9.1. 22,000 students get education through distance learning

9.2. BC's home-schooling laws allow parents to educate their kids as they see fit and re-integrate them in schools at the level they fit based on knowledge and abilities

9.3. Fertile time

9.3.1. We need a distributed network of educational resources and experiences

10. How?

11. In the town square

11.1. TEDxUBC

11.2. Free Geek

12. My story

12.1. Started in phylosophy

12.2. Switched to economy

12.3. Got dissilusioned in the state of arts'

12.4. Finally I decided to learn psychology

12.5. Teachers I met are passionate

12.6. The stories I have heard underground were amazing

13. Implications

13.1. For Parents and Spouses

13.2. For Students

13.2.1. Focus on flow

13.3. For Citizens

13.3.1. Sum of individual choices = Out collective Faith

13.4. If we own our individual choices and remix with the possibilities and opportunities out there there is no end