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Bill Jensen by Mind Map: Bill Jensen
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Bill Jensen

Bill Jensen's credits include authoring Work 2.0, Building the Future, One Employee at a Time and the recent co-release with fellow TEDxUBC presenter Josh Klein, Hacking Work.  Harvard Business Review, CNBC and Fast Company have called Bill today's foremost expert on work complexity, helping people to do less and accomplish more.  Bill is a passionate simpleton and an outspoken gadfly against coporate stupidity that wastes people's time, attention and dreams.  He’s an internationally acclaimed bestselling author and speaker who is known for extremely useful content, and his passion for working smarter, not harder.  See his detailed bio and video here.

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There is a disconnect between the corporate and the grass root component of the organization

The workforce wants to do amazing work... let them do it!

Josh Klein

  Josh has practiced and was trained, both formally and informally, in hacking - social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behavior, and, most recently, the publishing industry. When he's not taking things apart or putting them back together again he speaks, writes, and consults on new and emerging technologies that improve people's lives - and has tremendous fun doing it. Most of Josh's time is spent speaking to companies and at conferences such as World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Gadgetoff, TED and SICS and consulting to companies large and small, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Frog Design, Nokia, The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and others.  Detailed Bio and TED video.  

No One Can Piss for You


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Bill & Josh's Blog

Book: Hacking Work - Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results

NO one can piss for you!

Picture a temple in Japan - a zen master - pissing is something no one else can do for me, somethings can not be delegated. Each one of us must stand up and do them ourselves...

how many are employees, talking to you!, work is broken, innovative life trying to figure out why corporate teams were not collaborating, every expense had to be entered on the corporate expensing system with 60 fields, the tools suck, eg IE 6!, Still the 2nd most popular browser in the world is because it is used by corporate America, They are paying for it but employees are using something different - google docs

There are things only you can do... who no one else can!

One employee was a dissident

used a simpler system

it worked because when he created input there would to be a security hole, and had the gift of 4 an 1/2 hours to work in the week, you don't have to be a techy to find simpler systems - just do a search for the answers to your problems., we are all hyper connected

The thing he had been hired for to find out why employees weren't collaborating - bottom line? Travel expenses

using his application savings

He was fired

because he had solved the problem

so was he crying in his beer ...!!!, so I solved their problem, I gave them an opportunity to be innovative..., but they didn't grab the opp and I didn't want to work for them anyway, Rule breakers are the only ones who can move forward, Work is Broken!, and we Can Fix It!

I already have four job offers

I was tweeting about it on the way home and blogged about it

received a phone call saying we are hiring and another company who was not hiring called him in, his software was then sold to the competitor

Employees are rated on the bottom line

Intent is the problem

Executives design corporated centred not user centred, a retailer having difficuty getting his sales going, consultants came back saying you are not giving the employee the tools and support... so, ... the CFO became the cashier for the day - the card reader is not working, the internet is down - then blamed the grumpy customers. He couldn't make it through the day. His colleague told him it only gets worse during the holidays. He went back to the C suite, then realized how hard it was to make money in a store. He realized they made it hard for them. The average worker out there is using unrecognized technology up to 2/3's to make their job better.

35% reduction of effeciency if an employee uses the tools supplied by the corporate structure

employees want to do amazing work but are strangled

...all of us who work have an opportunity like never before

Get out there - how big can you dream?

there is an app for that

it matters what is in your heart, what matters is whether you care enough to break down the walls and the rules..., let's change the work world, it is up to us, no one can piss for us

Break the Rules in order to increase productivity

Let's BREAK The RULES!!!!