Robin of Sherwood

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Robin of Sherwood by Mind Map: Robin of Sherwood

1. The enemy

1.1. Robin's worst enemy was King John.

2. Robin of Sherwood is a hero and a legend.

3. Robin The legend

3.1. He lived in Sherwood Forest, near Nottingham

3.2. Robin and his team, called the Merry Men

3.3. The team were famous for stealing money from the rich and giving it to the poor.

4. The true Robin Hood (Willikin of Weald)

4.1. Some say that a man called Willikin of the Weald is the true Robin Hood.

4.2. Willikin and his team of 1,000 men were English freedom fighters.

4.3. Willikin stole back a lot of things from the French and give them to the poor, but he was really on King John's side.

5. Robin Hood was really a rich man.

6. Robin also had a beautiful girlfriend called Maid Marian.