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mindmeister by Mind Map: mindmeister

1. what

1.1. collaborative mind mapping

1.2. web based

1.3. real time

1.4. free/low cost

1.5. all published maps are searchable

2. pros

2.1. 2009 AASL Best website for teaching and learning

2.2. quick, easy to learn interface

2.3. SLJ review

2.4. familiar editing features

3. what you can do

3.1. create mind map

3.2. visual thinking

3.3. insert notes, links, images

3.4. auto link to webpages or suggested immages

3.5. history feature- instant playback

3.6. instant chat with collaborators

3.7. keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop

4. school uses

4.1. suggested for middle and high school

4.2. work collaboratively in real time

4.3. inquiry based learning- map questions

5. cons

5.1. free version

5.1.1. advertisements on the tool bar take up space

5.1.2. allows you to create 3 maps

5.1.3. does it it work better on a larger screen?

5.1.4. inserting images/links/text- aren't on the map, you have to scroll over them

5.1.5. sometimes my toolbar gets stuck