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mindmeister by Mind Map: mindmeister
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collaborative mind mapping

web based

real time

free/low cost

all published maps are searchable


2009 AASL Best website for teaching and learning

Be creative -- think maps! Mindmeister and are both online mapping tools:  Mindmeister is better for middle and high school students, while is for younger students. Both websites allow users to think visually, collaborate, and share ideas through concept maps. Tip: Effective tools for teams of students to collaboratively brainstorm what they know about a subject and what questions they want to research.  

quick, easy to learn interface

SLJ review

familiar editing features

what you can do

create mind map

visual thinking

insert notes, links, images

auto link to webpages or suggested immages

history feature- instant playback

instant chat with collaborators

keyboard shortcuts, drag and drop

school uses

suggested for middle and high school

work collaboratively in real time

inquiry based learning- map questions


free version