Solution Focused Practice

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Solution Focused Practice by Mind Map: Solution Focused Practice

1. Overview

1.1. Warm-up

1.2. Re-describing the process

1.3. Putting elements together

1.3.1. Video review

1.3.2. Therapy 'by numbers'

1.4. Trying it out

1.4.1. First session

1.4.2. Follow up

1.4.3. Tough follow-ups

2. Two-step

2.1. 1. Bring to mind and describe a time in your life when you were 'at your best' - 'a sparkling moment'.

2.1.1. Why stands out?

2.1.2. Most please to notice?

2.1.3. Qualities highlighted? Which like to see more of? Ways know it is growing?

2.2. 2. Bring to mind a situation that has been challenging for you over the course of this last year?

2.2.1. Things that helped cope

2.2.2. Scale 0-10 where were you Evidences

2.2.3. Things learned about self

2.3. 3. Identify a skill that you would like to have more of at work.

2.3.1. Ways know it has grown?

2.3.2. Ways others know it has grown?

2.3.3. Scale 0-10 where are you now?

2.3.4. Why there and not 0 Responses

2.3.5. Just one point up Smallest signs

3. Conversational

3.1. Process

3.1.1. 'Just a bunch of talk' (de Shazer)

3.1.2. Brief As quick as possible "The slower you go, the quicker the therapy" (Insoo Kim Berg)

3.1.3. Invitation into 'solution talk'

3.1.4. Questions Tools Invites focus attention

3.1.5. Build new reality New possibilities

3.2. Pathways

3.2.1. Person as problem Person as more than problem

3.2.2. Focus On complaint On preferred future On limitation On possibility What is not working What is useful On stuckness On progress

4. Opening sessions

4.1. Best hopes

4.1.1. What do you want?

4.1.2. Not vague

4.1.3. Not SMART

4.2. Preferred future

4.2.1. How will you know best hopes are happening?

4.3. What's working

4.3.1. Instances

4.3.2. Exceptions

4.3.3. Questions Coping Strategy Identity

4.4. Next signs of progress

4.4.1. Scale

4.5. Summary

4.6. Suggestion

5. Therapy by numbers

5.1. Problem-free talk and best hopes

5.1.1. Time

5.1.2. Best hopes

5.1.3. Useful

5.1.4. Difference

5.1.5. Interested In what is said Not in working them out "Ok... ok... ok... ok..." (George)

5.2. Miracle and what in place

5.2.1. The miracle question Things

5.2.2. Notice? Who might x What could they x

5.2.3. First tiny signs x

5.2.4. Small signs already seen x

5.3. Scale(s)

5.3.1. Scale question

5.3.2. Not 0 x

5.3.3. 1 up x

5.3.4. Notice x Who else? What else?

5.4. Summary and suggestion

5.4.1. Acknowledgement of difficulty

5.4.2. Client's qualities Foundation Good outcome

5.4.3. Whatever is useful

5.4.4. Signs of possibility

5.4.5. Suggestion If appropriate

5.4.6. "It never hurts to drop in a compliment" (George)

6. Responses to BH

6.1. I don't know

6.1.1. Tell me a bit about you? (Problem free talk)

6.1.2. How can we make best use of this session?

6.1.3. What would be different?

6.1.4. What were you hoping for from the referral?

6.1.5. What were other people's hopes for this? And would that we good for you?

6.1.6. Ok maybe not knowing is a good place to start?

6.1.7. Think about a time that you were at your best How would you know you had reached that again?

6.2. My ___ thinks I should see you

6.2.1. And what brought you here?

6.2.2. Are they right?

6.2.3. How did ____ think previously / what did you do together before?

6.3. Well if ___ would change everything would be fine

6.3.1. So do you think you could benefit from this process?

6.3.2. So why are you here instead of ___?

6.3.3. What would be different for you if ___ did change?

6.3.4. What if ___ don't change, could you still see it differently?

6.3.5. How would you know ___ had changed?

6.3.6. Do other people think its only ___ that needs to change?

7. Follow up sessions

7.1. So what's been better?

7.1.1. Amplify progressive narrative

7.1.2. Questions Strategy Identity

7.1.3. Broaden And what else?

7.1.4. Deepen How did you do that?

7.2. Scale progress

7.2.1. Where now?

7.2.2. One point up?

7.3. Summary

7.4. Suggestion

7.5. Tough

7.5.1. Acknowledgement Yes and Yes but Argumentative

7.5.2. Got through - got by? Greater achievement

7.5.3. Despite difficulties

7.5.4. Prevented worse

7.5.5. Kept hope alive?

7.5.6. Pleased to notice despite

7.5.7. Scale coping

7.5.8. Keep going Trust the process

8. Microanalysis

8.1. What is

8.1.1. Preserved Solutions

8.1.2. Deleted On purpose By accident? Problems

8.1.3. Transformed