Causes For WWI

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Causes For WWI by Mind Map: Causes For WWI

1. Militarism

1.1. Advances in technology led to the developement of more powerful and deadlierl weapons

1.2. European nations began to build up their military arsenals in order to compete with Britain and Russia

1.2.1. "arms race" This lead up to a dangerous buildup of weapons

1.3. Britain had the largest navy

1.4. Russia had the largest army

2. Imperialism

2.1. Britain's empire stretched over one-quarter of the globes mass

2.2. Other European countries, such as Germany, wanted to control more lands and resources

2.2.1. Animosity between nations grew stronger as competition for territory increased

3. Nationalism

3.1. Some Europeans wanted to be united with others of the same ethnic background

3.1.1. Many groups wanted their own indipendant countries

4. Military Alliances

4.1. Military alliances established a system in which even a small conflict could spread quickly throughout the continent

4.2. Members of military alliances promise one another mutual military support if attacked by another country

4.2.1. Two main alliances The Allies which consists of Britain, Russia< and France The Triple Entente which consists of Germany, Italy and Australia-Hungary

5. The Alliances Draw Europe Into War

5.1. On June 28, 1914, a radical Serbian nationalist shot and killed the archduke of Australia-Hungary and his wife

5.1.1. Australia-Hungary made demands of Serbia but Serbia did not agree to all of them Australia-Hungary declared war on Serbia and because of Because of Russia's alliance with Serbia they came to their defence