Imperial War Cabinet

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Imperial War Cabinet by Mind Map: Imperial War Cabinet

1. Prime Minister Borden

1.1. travelled between Canada and Britain for the first 2 years of the WW1.

1.1.1. Thought that this would let Canada and Britain connect more He was left unconsulted or informed on Britain's war policy or planning. He sadly had to rely on the press on any news about the war.

2. In December 1916, a new prime minister was elected

2.1. a significant change in British policy towards Canada -> Newfoundland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

2.1.1. British prime minister, David Lloyd George, believed that in order to defeat the triple alliance, they needed more allies.

2.1.2. He invited prime ministers from different dominions to form a Imperial War Cabinet. "I want to say that we feel the time has come, when the Dominions ought to be more formally consulted as to the progress and course of the War, as to the steps that ought to be taken to secure victory, and as to the best methods of garnering in the fruits of their efforts as well as of our own."

3. The cabinet

3.1. was made up of of representatives from Canada and other Dominions, they all first met on March 2, 1917, to discuss war policy.

3.1.1. Prime Minister Borden was finally allowed access to war documents that he wasn't allowed access to before.

3.1.2. Also presented resolution IX to the Imperial War Cabinet.