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Ready, Steady, Grow! by Mind Map: Ready, Steady,
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Ready, Steady, Grow!

Mr. Rowcliffe's Talk


Some germs are harmful., They can cause you to get diarrhea and vomit

Some germs are beneficial

They can help: Make wine, Digest food, Make Beer etc.

Germs are small


Bacteria are everywhere

Bacteria live on the human body

Viruses are smaller than Bacteria

Diseases can be transmitted by bugs

As you grow, you change.


Keeping clean can help you and others stay healthy., Clean, Healthy, Showing safe behaviours help you and others stay safe., Stay safe



Keeping clean can help you and others stay healthy.


Showing safe behaviours help you and others stay safe.


Peer Presure

Peer Pressure can be bad

Peers can pressure you to do something, or not to do something

Peer Pressure can be good

People can get cues on how to behave from those around us.

Peer Pressure can make you dress, and act the same.

dress the same


Peers are your friends, or people that are in you age group

As you get older, you spend more time with your peers than you parents.

Peers can support you when you're down, and help you stay positive.

When the decisions you make are influenced by those around you, that is peer pressure.

Being a teenager can be hard

The Stages of Human Growth


Age of 0-18 months

Triple their weight and increase length by 50 percent.

They are helpless





P: Privates are private.

A: Always remember your body belongs to you

N: No Means no

T: Talk about secrets that upset you

S: Speak up, someone can help.

My Milestones

First time I stood up

Me standing up

Building a puzzle

Building a puzzle

Pushing a toy cart

Pushing a toy cart

Doing a forward roll

Doing a forward roll

In the pool

In the pool


Stress is the stuff that you might feel when you are under pressure

The feelings can be physical, like headaches, jitters, and butterflies in you stomach

The feelings can be emotional, like irritability, sadness, and fear

When we're in danger, chemicals that raise our energy level get released into the bloodstream

You can get the fight-or-flight response