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Intuitionism by Mind Map: Intuitionism

1. Metaethics - Strong realist moral theory proposed by Ross/Moore Morality exists independently of human experience, we understand these ideas intuitively. Moore's analogy between yellow and good. We know the colour yellow the same way as we can know what good is. When we use the terms 'good' or 'bad' we are referring to properties that we understand intuitively, but cannot define. Therefore goodness is a simple notion. it is an unanalysable property - can't be defined in terms of anything else. Surely we do not need to experience a killing to know that it is wrong. These truths are known as 'self-evident' Ross defined 7 foundational prima facie principles that are self-evidently true. 1. Beneficence 2. Faithfulness 3. Gratitude 4. Justice 5. Non-maleficence 6. Promise keeping 7. Self-improvement Pros of intuitionism is that it can help to explain shared ideas and can have an instinctive understanding. Negatives are whether or not it is trustworthy and that it doesn't compel action.