Race in Latin America

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Race in Latin America by Mind Map: Race in Latin America

1. Haiti Revolution

1.1. Impacted slaves in the U.S because it showed them that it can redeem their humanity.

1.2. Sought to develop a structure that will grant them equality.

1.3. Strengthen the political argument for outlawing the America slave trade in 1808.

1.4. Contributed to the British government decisions to limit the expansion of plantation agriculture in Trinidad.

1.5. Abolishment of slavery was embodied in the constitution of Haiti.

2. Mexico Revolution

2.1. In Mexico, there were many Spaniards and Indios, and there were also african slaves.

2.2. Mixed races were opressed, also were Indians. However they still participated in the Mexican Revolution.

2.3. Porfirian model was the requirement of dispossession of communities, mostly Indian, thus would create a reliable labor force.

2.4. Mestizaje, Mexicans that attempted to redevelop and live in Mexico after the revolution.

3. Brazil's Policy

3.1. "Whitening Ideal," attempted progress by developing a stronger more powerful population.

3.2. Immigration began to look bad due to high demand of Argentina products and the worsening of the socioeconomic situation.

3.3. Racial problem would be taken care of by natural selection according to Figures.

3.4. Immigration was thought to be a great way to increase populations.

4. Cuba and Argentina

4.1. Believed that non-white civilizations were inferior.

4.2. Argentina introduced the ideologies of anarchism and socialism.

4.3. After independence both Cuba and Argentina decided to create a predominant white nation by European immigration. Argentina succeeded, while Cuba sadly failed.

4.4. Many policies that were developed were aimed for the segregation of African Americans.

4.5. Little War of 1912, was the struggle to implement that races could never mix.